Saturday, December 11, 2010

Rebel With a Cause

Have you ever wondered what you'd name yourself if you got to choose? I'd choose Lila. It's a strong, old-fashioned Southern name. I was fortunate in that I got to grow up around a mom who was always questioning the way things were done. She always encouraged me to be who I was created to be. Mom was "Sandy" to her peers and "Ida Mae" to her family in Mississippi. I loved it! It showed me that if you didn't like something very much, you could change it.

Who says life has to be the way it appears to be? At least ask the questions. What makes me unique? What does God have in store for me? How can I serve others with joy? These questions matter.

Journey on, my friend,

Sunday, December 5, 2010

A New Time

It's been exciting to sell some of my art. I've never taken myself as a "serious artist" but more as someone who just enjoys a little serendipity in my life.

I've painted some new gals lately that are fun.

I'm moving more out of the marketing arena of it (though I haven't really done a lot of that) to just doing it for fun. I'll probably start selling more of my originals instead of selling prints or plaques. I'm also starting some different types of painting with collage, mixed media (acrylics, inks, textures, etc.) that will be interesting and inspiring for me.

Why the change, you may ask? I simply don't have time to market my work. If Hallmark wants to call me tomorrow and beg to have some of my girls for cards, well, okay. :) Otherwise, I'm just doing art for fun and enjoying some R & R from a day of work.

I only have one more class to go to finish my Nursing Facility Administrator's Licensing requirements. I'll begin it in January. One thousand intern hours - check. Four LTCA classes - check. State and National exams to be completed after this next class.

God has given me a heart for the elderly and I believe he has prepared me for this task. So, while I'll continue painting, I may be closed more than open during Artwalk. I won't be generating a lot of plaques or cards or any of the other things I've enjoyed for the last year. As my daddy used to say, "It's time to buckle down." (I never knew entirely what that entailed but it sounds a little scary.

Pray for me as I get busy doing what I am preparing myself to do. Pray also that I keep a painting or two in my heart - - if not on my easel.

On to the next chapter,