Monday, October 20, 2008

Blogging Sabbatical

This morning I awakened with a strong conviction that I needed a blogging sabbatical. I want to spend some time getting my spiritual and physical house in order.

I'm aiming to be back on November 1st. I'll either be back then or will have an update. I'm praying for you, my blogosphere sisters, and thank you for keeping me in your prayers.

Putting the laptop in the carrier,

Sunday, October 19, 2008

A Beautifully Written Blog

Meet my blog friend, Shandi. She lives in Canada. My goodness, this girl has talent! Check her out at A Fragmented Opinion.

Enjoying talent,

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Cute Video - Lucky, the Goldfish

This was precious and cracked me up! Enjoy. And...may we all remember Lucky.

Loving life,

Friday, October 17, 2008

18 Interruptions, Mind You!

I came home from work a little early today. I'm the Manager on Duty at our work this weekend. Since I didn't sleep well last night, I thought it would be a delicious idea to take a wee nap. Only an hour and 15 minutes, I thought.

Let's just say...I'll be very grateful for a good night's sleep tonight, if it comes. I had 18, not 17, but 18 interruptions to my nap. Hence, no nap, really. The interruptions are listed below. Sing with me to the tune of The Twelve Days of Christmas...

6 loud bankphming sounds from the dryer

4 calls on my cell phone

3 visits by my meowing cat, Max (see post from October 11th)

2 visits by my oldest daughter just to let me know she loved me

2 entries into the room by my sweet husband who was doing the laundry

1 doorbell ringing

and a partridge in a pear tree.

It's generally not the big things that get me off track, it's the little things. I'm thankful I have a cell phone (most of the time). I'm thankful that I have two cats who are really sweet. I'm definitely thankful to have Vann and Katie Lea in my life. I'm most definitely thankful that Vann does the laundry in our family and has done so for 27 years.

But, about the bankphming sound from the dryer. We'll have to do something about that!

Thankful, in spite of it all,

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

What'd You Say, Dearie?

I've been thinking about some happenings in the senior high rise where I used to work. It was at Decatur Christian Towers that I learned what I wanted to be when I grew up. Also learned what I didn't want to be when I grew up. (smile)

A resident, Mrs. Thompson, was extremely hard of hearing. After calculating what her rent would be for the next year, I called her to come to my office to discuss the change.

She met me at the receptionist's desk. I invited her back to my office - - the inner sanctum. :) She declined saying that she was in a hurry. Mrs. Thompson asked what her rent would be and I again motioned for us to go into my office for a bit of privacy. The lobby was filled with other residents chatting and getting their mail. Mrs. Thompson once again declined telling me there was no time.

Knowing it would be improper to blab a resident's rent amount for anyone to hear, I wrote it down for her. As I handed the slip of paper to her, she couldn't read the small writing. (I know, you're probably thinking, why didn't she just step in my office already. She could have found out and been gone by now! Exactly!) I wrote it larger and was still unsuccessful with communication. Finally, Mrs. Cooper told me to just tell her what it would be.

Going against everything I believed about propriety and decorum, I cupped my hands around her ear and whispered her rent to her loudly. A quizzical look came over her face and I tried again, to no avail. Finally in desperation, Mrs. Thompson looked at me anxiously weighing her need to leave with her curiosity to know her new rent. She finally said to me, "Oh, for goodness sake, just tell me!" With that, I told her what her rent would be so that she could hear. She frantically glanced all around the lobby and told me in no uncertain terms to SHHH! as others could hear!


Head scratching,

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Why Is It?

Why is it that when someone tells you there are over a billion stars in the universe you believe them, but it they tell you there is wet paint somewhere, you have to touch it to make sure?

Mulling it over,

Monday, October 13, 2008

Elly Mae Clampett

Elly Mae Clampett (Donna Douglas) that you may remember from the television show, Beverly Hillbilies, came to Wesley Court today. She is staying in our guest apartment tonight in order to speak at our Winter Wellness program at the Civic Center tomorrow.

You may remember her from the actual television show (like I do) or re-runs. She played the ultimate hillbilly southern belle who had the softest place for "critters." She didn't bring any critters with her but she did bring an amazing amount of charm and grace.

When she arrived, several of us walked over to her to welcome her with a hug. She looked at each one of us and said with all sincerity, "God Bless You." She is now 75 years old and has aged with dignity and grace.

Donna did a few guest spots throughout the 1970s and even attempted a career as a gospel-country singer. But her claim to fame rested in reruns and reunions of "the Beverly Hillbillies"

Donna resides in Los Angeles working in real estate and as a spokeswoman for animal rights.

I look forward to hearing what she has to say to the group tomorrow.


I Just Realized!

I just realized another thing I always wanted that God gave me. I used to say when asked if I wanted more children (when the girls were small) that I'd like to have a grown son.

And, I have a grown son! Thank you, Father, for Serge. All good things come from the Father.


Saturday, October 11, 2008

Who Says Cats Aren't Social?

This reminds me so much of our cat boys! It's as if the artist watched Vann and our cat, Rosey with a hidden camera and then captured it on this animation.


White Picket Fence

It seems I spent a lot of time as a little girl imagining living in a cute house with a white picket fence. I think most girls daydream about such. What is it about a white picket fence that we like? Maybe it's the order of the pickets. Maybe it's the clean lines. Maybe it's that they are white, clean, pure.

I like my life to be like a white picket fence. Orderly, clean, pure. I don't like any messes or anything that takes away from the orderliness of it. I don't like unexpected events that will change my world. Sir Isaac Newton said, "For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction." Yep. I like routine. I like everyone I love to be doing well all the time.

When I think about order and balance I think of God. He is a God of order and balance. Look at the perfect creation. It's amazing. He worked 6 days and on the 7th day he rested. Balance.

But our lives aren't like that, are they? A friend or loved one gets sick, a loved one moves away, a divorce, a child having trouble in school, Bulimia, someone with a drug addiction, death, car accident, law suit. Messy. Hurtful. Paralyzing.

I remember a particularly difficult time in my life. I felt paralyzed with the inability to change a bad situation. Through tear stained eyes I cried out that I couldn't do anything about the situation. Hopeless. Powerless.

Then...I realized what a position of power I was in because

"He said to me, "My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness." Therefore I will boast all the more gladly about my weaknesses, so that Christ's power may rest on me. 2 Corinthians 12:9

I'm so thankful that the Holy Spirit comforts us in our weakness, powerlessness, paralysis and general messes. Our father is so loving to provide the peace that passes all understanding.

So, when I look at my life through the windows of my soul and see abandoned old wreck of a house

I can rest...and boast about the greatness of God and become this.
Thank you, Father.

Living in sunshine,

Friday, October 10, 2008

6:30 A.M.!

I'm so excited! Tomorrow morning I'm getting up at 6 a.m. Excited, you say? It's a Saturday! Right. Saturday is time to garage sale! Caroline is joining me tomorrow so it will be magical in every way. We'll leave at 6:30 a.m. on our adventure.

I want nothing. I need nothing (squared). But, you just never know what's out there or what interesting person you'll get to know or a neighbor you've never met. Excitement is building!

Who knows? I might find that twin maple bed that a friend is looking for

or an unusual little turtle trinket.


Like I said, don't want or need anything, but the adventure looms. Hope I can sleep tonight. Tee hee!

Eager beaver,

Thursday, October 9, 2008

I'm Awake Now

I've been so taken with the wonderful smells and senses of fall lately. In fact, everything lately is speaking to me. It's as if God is waking my senses and awareness of what he has done (and is doing) especially for me. Sarah has a great post today on how we are very visible to God when sometimes we feel so invisible.

Tuesday night Vann and I went to our inn to "chill". We had gone to the inn because I wasn't feeling all that great. Truth be told, I was feeling a little sorry for myself and needed a diversion.

My friend and business partner, Cheryl, was to have her last day at work the next day. We've worked together (offices next door to each other) for almost 4 years. We've laughed, we've cried. I can tell what she is thinking before she speaks it. One time I quipped, "Wow! Amazing. I think it and she speaks it."

Of course, Cheryl and I will get to see each other a lot since we run the inn together, but it won't be the same. What if some un-fun man comes to do her job and is in the office next to mine! (Trust, Susie. Trust.)

When I left the inn that night to walk the 25 steps back to our house, I opened the door to be greeted by the most wonderful cool air. But that wasn't all! There was also the smell of burning leaves...And to top it all off, there was the delicious sound of the train in the distance. Not one. Not two, but three of my favorite things.These gifts of God were humbling. Cool night air, the aroma of burning leaves and the faint whistle of a train to somewhere.

God has been placing on my heart lately about the way that sugar is keeping me asleep when I'm awake. That very night I made the decision to live without sugar and white flour.

Just for today, I'm doing just that. I want my senses to wake up. I want to really taste and see that the Lord is good again. Fifteen years ago I lived without eating sugar or white flour for 2 years. It was freeing! I'm just addicted to sugar. No doubt about it. I'm on day 3 and for the rest of the day, I'm going to live with my commitment.

This morning as I woke, I started the dutiful task of licking my wounds since Cheryl wouldn't be there today...or any more days. (I know. I'm utterly amazing. I can forget quicker than anyone!) I just uttered a single word, "Father." Then I went on. Do you know what God gave me? I began singing "Zippity Do Da! Zippity A! My, oh my what a wonderful day! " That song has played in my head all day!

This afternoon right outside my office some gals were baking chocolate chip cookies. They weren't just serving them. Oh no, they were baking them for all the staff. And you know what? Today I was just so thankful for the delicious smell.

Even later this afternoon outside my office we had a pianist come to perform for the residents. She was playing beautiful old favorites like "Sentimental Journey", "Tennessee Waltz" and "Good night Irene". I was immediately transported back to my the family trips we'd take in the car when I was younger to see my grandmother in Belmont, Mississippi. We'd sing together in the car, but a special treat was when my mom would do her solo act of Goodnight Irene. I can still hear her...even this moment. (When Zippity Do Da isn't playing.)

Thank you, Father, for opening my senses to your goodness in all things. I want to see more of you. Thank you that you see me and love me.

Thankful, again,

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

"I Sure Appreciate You"

When working at Decatur Christian Towers, an affordable senior housing community, I was continually encouraged by so many of our residents. Certainly, Mr. Scroggins is to be counted among that group.

Mr. and Mrs. Scroggins received Meals on Wheels and other welfare assistance. So many times shame, pride or just plain bad manners give some in their financial position a bad attitude. Or worse yet, an attitude that says that everyone owes them something. Not so with the Scroggins'.

Mrs. Scroggins was bed-ridden and Mr. Scroggins took care of her. Every single day when Mr. Scroggins arrived at our office to take their meals from Meals on Wheels home, he wouldn't leave without saying, "I sure appreciate everything all of you do for us. I sure do."

Unfortunately, Mr. Scroggins ended up having not one but two leg amputations in the time I knew him. Yet, never a complaint went from his lips. He got a wheelchair and used it as one would use a car.

Mr. Scroggins rose early every morning to go to the grocery store for he and his wife and for others who needed anything. Daily he would clean the hallway outside his apartment - - all done in his wheelchair. When I learned of this daily service and thanked him, he seemed embarrassed and told me it was just a small way to partially pay back what others do for them.

Mr. Scroggins could not read or write. He was unable to even sign his name with anything other than an "X". With every governmental welfare form or document, he needed assistance. Yet with any education I have been blessed to receive, this man had much to teach me by his example. His spirit of gratitude radiates in all he did. Thank you, Mr. Scroggins, for teaching us all how to really live.

Gratefully remembering,

Mr. Scroggins died several years ago but his memory lives on...

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Movie Reviews

This weekend getaway with my honey afforded us the opportunity to watch 3 movies together. I watched one alone as well.
The Visitor - I loved this movie. Vann did as well. It's a wonderful story about a very lonely man who allows two immigrants (then later another immigrant) into his heart. Very poignant. I highly recommend this one. Expertly acted. No actors I was familiar with.

Nick and Nora's Infinite Playlist - I give this one a thumb's down, but Vann liked it more than me. It's a shame that all of these movies have teens having sex all the time these days. I found it a bit depressing and even more disturbing that many 13 - 20 year olds will watch it and think it must be the norm. Michael Cera and Kat Dennings star. You really pull for Nick and Nora. They are lovable characters.
Made of Honor - This was the chick flick I watched alone. Same story retold countless times. Good friends and then once she is engaged, he realizes she is the one for him. Patrick Duffey and Michelle Monaghan star. Parts of the movie take place in Scotland and I think this castle is actually in the movie. Pretty scenery.

Fireproof - A must see for all married couples. By the same director/producer as Facing the Giants. Same strengths and weaknesses as FTG movie. Some of the acting is pretty weak but the story and message is extremely powerful. The lead actor, Kirk Cameron, is very good, though.

Gearing up for real life,