Thursday, October 9, 2008

I'm Awake Now

I've been so taken with the wonderful smells and senses of fall lately. In fact, everything lately is speaking to me. It's as if God is waking my senses and awareness of what he has done (and is doing) especially for me. Sarah has a great post today on how we are very visible to God when sometimes we feel so invisible.

Tuesday night Vann and I went to our inn to "chill". We had gone to the inn because I wasn't feeling all that great. Truth be told, I was feeling a little sorry for myself and needed a diversion.

My friend and business partner, Cheryl, was to have her last day at work the next day. We've worked together (offices next door to each other) for almost 4 years. We've laughed, we've cried. I can tell what she is thinking before she speaks it. One time I quipped, "Wow! Amazing. I think it and she speaks it."

Of course, Cheryl and I will get to see each other a lot since we run the inn together, but it won't be the same. What if some un-fun man comes to do her job and is in the office next to mine! (Trust, Susie. Trust.)

When I left the inn that night to walk the 25 steps back to our house, I opened the door to be greeted by the most wonderful cool air. But that wasn't all! There was also the smell of burning leaves...And to top it all off, there was the delicious sound of the train in the distance. Not one. Not two, but three of my favorite things.These gifts of God were humbling. Cool night air, the aroma of burning leaves and the faint whistle of a train to somewhere.

God has been placing on my heart lately about the way that sugar is keeping me asleep when I'm awake. That very night I made the decision to live without sugar and white flour.

Just for today, I'm doing just that. I want my senses to wake up. I want to really taste and see that the Lord is good again. Fifteen years ago I lived without eating sugar or white flour for 2 years. It was freeing! I'm just addicted to sugar. No doubt about it. I'm on day 3 and for the rest of the day, I'm going to live with my commitment.

This morning as I woke, I started the dutiful task of licking my wounds since Cheryl wouldn't be there today...or any more days. (I know. I'm utterly amazing. I can forget quicker than anyone!) I just uttered a single word, "Father." Then I went on. Do you know what God gave me? I began singing "Zippity Do Da! Zippity A! My, oh my what a wonderful day! " That song has played in my head all day!

This afternoon right outside my office some gals were baking chocolate chip cookies. They weren't just serving them. Oh no, they were baking them for all the staff. And you know what? Today I was just so thankful for the delicious smell.

Even later this afternoon outside my office we had a pianist come to perform for the residents. She was playing beautiful old favorites like "Sentimental Journey", "Tennessee Waltz" and "Good night Irene". I was immediately transported back to my the family trips we'd take in the car when I was younger to see my grandmother in Belmont, Mississippi. We'd sing together in the car, but a special treat was when my mom would do her solo act of Goodnight Irene. I can still hear her...even this moment. (When Zippity Do Da isn't playing.)

Thank you, Father, for opening my senses to your goodness in all things. I want to see more of you. Thank you that you see me and love me.

Thankful, again,


Suzanne said...

I love this post so much. It is a great reminder for me to pay attention for those things that God gives throughout the day. I'm going through some things today that make it more difficult to remember that He is there and keeps giving.

JoAnn said...

You are such a joy to my heart. Jo Ann