Monday, September 29, 2008

Sunny Side Up

I'm not sure exactly what got me thinking about this today, but think about it I have.

I'm thankful to have had a really loving daddy. My daddy died about 4 1/2 years ago but will forever be in my heart. When I was a little girl, I'd wake up early on Saturday mornings and go into the kitchen with him. "We'd" cook sunny side up eggs and toast and enjoy that together, just the two of us.

It was during those rich mornings that we'd talk about whatever was important to me. I remember one morning in particular I was asking Daddy about God. I asked him what God could do. He assured me that God could do anything at all! I thought that was pretty impressive, so I pressed on and asked him if God could cook (since we were cooking sunny side up eggs at the time). Daddy (Diddy as I called him) assured me that God could indeed cook or do anything else. He told me that God only did good things, though.

I'm thankful that my Diddy taught me that God could do anything. That was the greatest gift he could ever have given me. Thank you, Diddy.

Your favorite daughter,
Lila (Susan)

Friday, September 26, 2008

Six Random Things about Me

Tag! I'm it? I've been tagged by Suzanne at Lily of the Valley to list six random things about me. O.K. here goes.

1. I have a very real phobia of snakes. Little snakes, big snakes, poisonous snakes, helpful snakes, non-poisonous snakes. When I was a teenager, I was riding my bike to a neighbor's house and a 6" (that's six INCHES) ring neck snake was in the road. I could have easily run over him, run around him, stepped on him or any number of other things. What did I do? I turned my bike around and went home.

Also, my mom was bitten by a copperhead snake when I was in the 4th grade. He struck at her 3 times and she thought she had been bitten. I believe an angel put their hand down and didn't allow the fangs to break the skin. I really believed she was going to die then. Snakes. Terrified.

2. I was very involved in Campus Life Youth for Christ when I was a teenager. I was an intern with them one year and decided I wanted to be a youth minister. By the time I graduated from college, I found it was better for my husband to be to be the youth minister. I became a Social Worker.

3. When I was 4 years old I went over to our piano and picked out the tune to "Little Drummer Boy." My mom thought I was a child pianist prodigy. She asked me as I'm playing the little tune if I wanted to take ballet lessons or piano. Duh. I figured I'd already mastered the piano so I told her I'd like to take ballet. She picked up the phone and called the piano teacher in the neighborhood and I took piano lessons for 10 1/2 years. sigh.

4. When I was 15 years old I was working in a department store called Pizitz in Birmingham, Alabama. The staff at the store was all abuzz as they told me that Andy Warhol was coming to our store for a book signing. I said, "Andy Who?" I met Mr. Warhol and thought he was an unusual man. Our oldest daughter, Katie Lea, a graphic artist, can't believe I met him and didn't know what a great experience I was having at the time.

5. I don't like water on my face and I don't like to open eyes underwater. Never have. Probably never will.

6. I can balance a peacock feather on my hand. But then, I'll bet you can, too. You just don't realize you can do it. (This one doesn't really count since you can do it, too.)

The real 6. About 10 years ago I dabbled in being a watercolor artist. I'd still like to do some of that, but I'd like to try acrylics. Anyone want to take an art class with me?

O.K. There are six random things about me.

I'll tag
Denise at Not So Deep Thoughts by Denise.
Anne at Everything Under the Son
Tammy at In the Grip of Grace
Sarah at The Cleft of the Rock

Have fun with it!


My Mom Was a Nut . . . Just Like Me!

I grew up with parents who appreciated beauty. I remember whining one day about being bored. My daddy said (honestly, he really said this), "Sweetie, how in the world can you be bored as long as there is a blade of grass left unexplored?" wow.

My mom loved our picture window looking out to our backyard. She kept a beautiful garden and showed us the various birds and pointed out the different characteristics of each type of bird. Sometimes our dinner conversation centered around the wildlife activity in our own backyard!

Momma shared one day with me about an occurrence that had happened shortly after she moved to Birmingham. She was twenty years old and had moved from a small town in Mississippi to the big, booming town of Birmingham. She was living in a boarding house and working to make it on her own. Each day she took the city bus to work and back home again.

This one particular day, Mom looked out the window of the bus and noticed the most beautiful sunset she had ever seen, she said. Instead of taking in it's beauty and smiling inwardly, Mom exclaimed to all the strangers on the bus, "Wow! Just look at that sunset! Isn't that the most beautiful thing you've ever seen?!" As Mom told it, the other passengers looked at her as if she was someone to be afraid of. Very afraid. They went back to reading their papers or books with one eye fixed on the crazy woman.

The other day I was in a co-worker's office giving some training to some new employees. When I noticed a hummingbird at the feeder just outside. I stopped the training and told the new staff members about it. A.D.D.? Maybe. Appreciator of beauty. Definitely.

When we went to Europe several years ago I would get so enamored with taking photos of sunsets, flowers, people, making sure my composition was just so. Toward the end of the trip I got the bright idea to take photos of beautiful doors...and there were soooo many beautiful doors.

Being behind a camera catching beauty seems like an excusable reason for appreciating beauty. I think I need to look into photography a little more closely. Not for a business, just for pleasure.


Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Georgia in the Fall

I must confess. I love Abilene, but I really miss the north Georgia mountains in the autumn. We'd stop at roadside stands and buy our fill of apples (the Rome apples were the best) and get some just fried apple pies.

Our family would visit the Tippins' chalet (some family friends) in the north Georgia mountains a couple of times a year. It was gorgeous in the fall.

The photo above isn't the exact view, but it's pretty doggone close! I'll never forget the first time we went to the Tippins' place, I was awed by their lovely home and the unbelievable view. Then, I looked down on the ground and the sunlight was hitting this rock just perfectly. On this rock was a colorful snake. I DO NOT LIKE SNAKES! But...this snake was beautiful. (I'll spare you a photo of a snake on a rock. I checked out Flickr to see what they had and now think I'll have bad dreams of snakes all night.)

Right beside the rock highlighted by the glistening sun was an orange flower. On that ginger colored flower was a beautiful midnight blue butterfly.

I don't think I'll ever forget all of that beauty at one time. God knows me and how I am fed by his beauty. I'm still so thankful for that precious moment in time.

Nature addict,

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Garage Sale America

I love, love, love to garage sale. In fact, I've put myself on a garage saling diet. I only allow myself 1, maybe two Saturdays a month now. I was just accumulating too much cool stuff. Also, Caroline went to college. Our kiddos do group up. Also, I'm in the saving mode lately. That's a good thing.

My sister in law and brother in law gave me the book Garage Sale America by Bruce Littlefield and 20 $1.00 bills for my birthday. That was the coolest gift! I just finished the book and highly recommend it for those of you who are addicted to garage sales, estate sales, etc. like I am.

Caroline and I always enjoyed going to garage sales, but when we moved out west, it became our Saturday morning - don't even think about touching this - event every single week. It was our bonding momma/daughter time. During those years of garage saling we went to who knows how many garage sales. We tackled it like we were working on our thesis in garage saling. Oh, how we laugh on these adventures!! She's found Seven jeans for $2.00, cool vintage hats for $1.00. I've found furniture for $5.00 and unique items. Oh, the uniques. Just check out Journey's Inn!

Caroline and I would wake up at 6:00 a.m. (yes, Saturday morning really does have a 6 a.m.!) and leave by 6:30. Our routine was (and still is a time or two a month) to leave, stop to get a large Sonic drink - - you know to fortify us for our adventure, then go to the gas station to pick up a newspaper, then to Burger King for their yummy chicken biscuits (that they no longer have). We'd sit in the parking lot of Burger King and map out our route by the classified and any good signs we had seen along the way.

Bruce Littleton's book, Garage Sale America has some great tips on garage saling do's and don'ts and shares his garage sale wisdom with wit and tongue in cheek humor.

Oh the joys of wearing a new pair of earrings that everyone ooh's and ahh's over and secretly wants...then to quietly (and humbly, I might add) say, "Oh, these things? I got them at a garage sale for a quarter!"


Sunday, September 21, 2008

Dance, Dance!

Love this! It's all about gratitude, dah-ling!

Dancing, soaking wet,

Vann is ___ Years old Today!

Yes, it's true. Caroline's birthday was yesterday and Vann's birthday is today. Caroline and I left the hospital the day after she was born and went home. Vann says that was his best birthday ever.

We've had the most fun celebrating their birthdays together. In fact today, we're looking at a family lunch with Vann, Katie Lea, Caroline, Serge and me at the birthday boy and girl's choice.

Birthday breakfasts in bed used to be a tradition until we realized that no one really wanted to be awakened on their birthday and have to eat something.

I'm thankful Vann is having another birthday. I'm thankful I've gotten to celebrate so many of them with him. I love you, precious husband!

In the partying mood,

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Caroline is 20!

Where has the time gone? It seems like just a couple of years ago that Vann was racing to the hospital for our Care Bear to be born.

I'll never forget that night. I didn't feel exactly wonderful but did not think I was in labor. After all, it was twelve days before my due date. We had all the particulars worked out with Katie Lea (who was 3 1/2 at the time). We knew who would keep her at any time during the day and what we'd do.

After a couple more hours of my lower back hurting, I went downstairs to tell Vann I wasn't feeling very well. He was finishing up a Bible Study with one of our teenagers, Davey Watford.

I couldn't sleep and finally my lower back started hurting so badly that I knew something was askew. I woke Vann and we arrived at the hospital at 1:30 a.m. By this time, I WAS IN FULL LABOR! Do you know that Vann wouldn't run a red light or anything? He's such a good rule keeper, but, Basta-ma-gida!

We pulled up to the emergency room and it was like in one of those silly movies where the new dad to be runs into the ER and says in a panicked voice, "My wife is about to have a baby!" Well, that was Vann. They nonchalantly told us to go on up to the delivery room.

Please understand that by this point, I was hardly able to walk. When Vann asked for a wheelchair for me, they just said, "No, you can just go on up."

That, my friends, was one of the hardest physical things I've ever done. The doctor was not empathetic to my say the least and took me by the shoulders and firmly told me I was going to have to calm down. Hmm. I don't think he knew anything personally about birthin' any babies!!

All this is going on while the staff was telling Vann he needed to move his car to the parking garage! Vann disappeared, the doctor was scolding me for "acting out" and being in labor.

When the doctor finally checked to see how far along I was, I was fully dilated! (See, I TOLD you, Dr!!)

Caroline was born at 1:52 a.m. (22 minutes after we pulled up at the ER) and Vann got in the delivery room (after parking the car) just in time to catch her. She weighed 6 pounds and 2 ounces and has been such a beautiful blessing in our lives for 20 years!

The moment we held her, Vann and I told her she could be anything she wanted to be. We just prayed that she would be a woman who chased after God. We've also prayed that God would provide a young man for her that loved God and would show her the Father's love.

Thank you, Father, for the gift of our Caroline, Care Bear, Bug, Twink, Twinkle, Honey Bunny. She is one of your greatest works of art.


Friday, September 19, 2008

Remember When?

This post will hit those readers closer to my age (probably just me since I'm about the oldest person reading my blog:).

I found myself remembering when I was a little girl. I was scared silly of getting a shot. Whenever my mom would drive anywhere close to the Dr's office, my world would slow down Once Mom would announce that we were going to see Dr. Joe, my world went white. Scared. to. death! Apparently, my brother was scared, too. He used to go around and lock all the car doors in the car after the family got out.

My mom would bribe us when we had to go see Dr. Joe by telling us she would take us to the Rexall Drug Store and let us pick out something if we had to get a shot. (By the way, why is it that it is called "the Rexall Drug Store" and we say "the Walmart?")

I grew up in Birmingham, Alabama, but at this time we lived in Fairfield, a suburb of Birmingham. I remember the Rexall Drug Store had the neatest soda fountain. I remember the smell of the hamburgers frying on the grill and the taste of those just perfectly fried french fries...the fat, wavy kind that were crisp outside and soft inside.

One time I had gotten a shot at Dr. Joe's office and was feeling especially sorry for myself, My mom let me pick out something at the Rexall Drug Store to allay my sore hiney. I picked out a Barbie. I loved her (the Barbie and my mom!) so much (and still do). She's the original Barbie with the black and white swimsuit and pony tail and she has red hair.

With another shot, I got Midge, then later after an especially difficult inoculation, I got Ken. Skipper and the bubble hair Barbie followed.

Was I spoiled. Yeah, I guess so, but the TLC was sure appreciated.

I enjoyed spoiling our girls, too, when they had a tough visit at the doctor's office. There is something about wanting "to make it all better."

Thankful I was spoiled,

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Is it Hot in Here, Or Is It Just Me?

I turned 50 a couple of weeks ago and hoo-ee! Hot flashes are just not fun. You wake up in the middle of the night before one hits, then you endure it for a minute or so.

At this point, you've peeled off the covers to get cool, but the sweat (not perspiration, or even a little glistening power - - we're talking SWEAT here) is now covering your skin and you get cold. Then you throw the covers back on and you get the picture. Hot and a cold repeat, one, two. Hot and a cold and repeat, one, two. sigh

It's like a fire inside you. Have I mentioned I'm ready for fall? Have I mentioned I'm ready for an ice storm? Oh yeah. The weather has been the biggest blessing this week, though.

I'd sure appreciate your comments if you've gone through this...or your mom or grandmom and what they did. I tried Black Cohosh, but can't take that stuff 3 times a day. I can barely remember to take meds one time a day. Thank you, girlfriends.

There's a fire within...

Monday, September 15, 2008

If a turtle doesn't have a shell, is he homeless or naked?

Just wondering...

Junkin' Jewelry - Perfect Girls' Night Out!

Tuesday night, September 16th

6 - 9 p.m.

Wesley Court

2617 Antilley Road

Bring some jewelry you no longer want (but that is still in great condition) for a big jewelry swap!

Cost - $10.00

All proceeds go to the Alzheimer's Association Memory Walk.

Enjoy some shopping in the Wesley Court Atrium by local vendors. .

Enjoy some food by Chick Fil A, Tuscany's, Journey's Inn and more!

I can't wait!!!!

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Isn't This How it Goes?

You may have heard this but it makes me laugh...

A woman goes to the doctor for her yearly physical.

The nurse starts with the basics.

"How much do you weigh?" she ask. "115," she says.

The nurse asks her to step on the scale. The scale reads 165.

The nurse asks her height. "5'8", she says.

The nurse measures her and she only measures 5'5".

The nurse then takes her blood pressure and tells her it is elevated.

"Of course it's high! she screams, "When I came in here I was tall and slender! Now I'm short and fat!"


Saturday, September 13, 2008

The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane

I'm drawn to the word "journey" of late. Our B & B (Journey's Inn), my blog . Can't help it. I'm on a journey. We all are.

I read The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane last night. It is an achingly beautiful story by Kate DiCamillo.

It's a child's book, but then, it's not. The language is riveting and the illustrations are touching.

Edward is a china bunny with real fur and he's a bit stuck on himself. Abilene Tulane is the girl who loves Edward. I loved that the girl who loves Edward is named Abilene.

It's a story of love and the journey away from self-centeredness to real love.

That's really what makes the journey worthwhile anyway, isn't it? Love.

Loving life,

Friday, September 12, 2008

The Power of "Thank You"

Yesterday's news about Vann's sister's home was devastating. But this morning as I was getting ready for work a gift from God came.

God helped me recall something that happened yesterday. One of our residents came to see me with some more bad news about their son's health. He asked that I pray with he and his wife. While this resident and I prayed for healing for his son, his wife simply prayed, "Thank you."

Thank you, Father, for the reminder. Peace is all about being thankful. Thank you that Andrea and Greg are safe and unharmed. Thank you that they have cars that can get them where they need to be. Thank you that they have friends and each other.

Thank you for the reminder to be thankful.

Peace out,

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Unbelievable...It's All Gone

My sister-in-law, Andrea called Vann this afternoon in anguished tears and told him their house had burned today. Andrea and our brother-in-law, Greg live in Birmingham, Alabama.

They don't know how it happened but suspect it started in the guest bedroom or living room somehow. This is a house that Greg built with his own hands about 20 years ago.

Andrea and I are the same age and have been friends longer than Vann and I have known each other. We have been friends since the beginning of our freshman year of college. When I had known Andrea for a month, I felt as if we'd been friends our whole life. I'm grieving with them tonight. Andrea was my maid of honor in our wedding. Andrea and I went to school with Greg.

We're very thankful that they weren't home, but everything is gone. Andrea said a part of a wall is standing and their concrete steps to their house and that's it. Their two kitties were in the house, too. This is so raw.

Tonight, with Vann being in N.O. and me having a ton of feelings, I went to Walgreens, Target and over to the inn to chill and get ready for guests. I watched some of "How to Lose a Guy In 10 Days" but couldn't focus on it.

Gone are the family photos, the antique spool bed, the antique rocker, the marble top table, the maple dining room set...all family heirlooms. As Andrea said, "it was just stuff, but it was their stuff." Exactly. Both Greg and Andrea (and Vann's) parents are all in heaven. A lot of the "stuff" had been their families and was what they had remaining. Like I said...raw.

Andrea said all they have now is their cars, their cell phones and the clothes on their back. wow.

I go between wanting to hop on a plane or in my car and head that way, but as Vann and I discussed it, Greg and An need a time to grieve together first.

When I get like this, I get stuck on the why's and what is lost to them. I have a hard time praying and talking to God. I'm not mad at him, I just don't want to talk. I usually write in my journal and now, I'm blogging. It seems to unlock the feelings somehow.

I want to DO something, but don't have the foggiest idea of what to do.


Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Little Bitty Spider Buddy

This morning as I was sitting at my computer, I was startled by this little, teeny, weeny spider that appeared between my eyes and the computer monitor. He seemed to float down from the ceiling. Then as if he saw me, he frantically began climing back up his silk strand.

For just an instance I thought of clapping my hands around him and ending his little life. . .just because he's a spider But, I paused. I didn't send him to spider heaven after all. Why? There was just something that touched me about his effort. So I decided, "OK, little bitty spider buddy, even though you are a spider, you deserve to live."

What is it about effort that makes us want to give a little grace? Actually my little spider buddy didn't have a chance if I decided to smack him down. Sometimes that's the way I feel it is with God. I think sometimes I'm frantically going to and fro and trying to make some sort of difference in my life, in the world, or period. When I stop to think about it, all my efforts are really not worthy of anything. The only, only thing that matters is that my efforts are about loving God and honoring him.

I haven't seen my little spider buddy lately. I hope next time I see him he's not a BIG spider buddy. Then, I must say, he wouldn't be much of a buddy at all.

Eyes on my Father,

Tuesday, September 9, 2008


What thoughts are conjured up when you think of the term "labyrinth?" For some the term connotes some type of maze. While for others, the word implies some off the wall new age thinking. Still others think of a labyrinth in evil terms. The movie Pan's Labyrinth, while I didn't see it, had some disturbing images, for sure.

But for me, it's a means, an avenue, if you will to allow my spirit a chance to catch up with my brain. It's a wonderful tool for me to be able to really meditate and focus on calming my soul down to allow God to speak with me.

I went to our trusty Wikipedia and found this definition. The term labyrinth is often used interchangeably with maze, but modern scholars of the subject use a stricter definition. For them, a maze is a tour puzzle in the form of a complex branching passage with choices of path and direction; while a single-path (unicursal) labyrinth has only a single Eulerian path to the center. A labyrinth has an unambiguous through-route to the center and back and is not designed to be difficult to navigate.

Have you ever walked a labyrinth? I have walked one only once. I've been places a couple of other times where there were labyrinths but we were "in too big of a hurry" to walk them. You can't be in a hurry to walk a labyrinth.

I began the walk in the labyrinth thinking, thinking, thinking, thinking and then frantically recalling scripture, repeating in my head over and over scripture. But by the time, I got to the middle of the labyrinth and stood there, my brain was quiet. Very quiet. I'm not sure that has ever happened before. Really. On my walk back out of the labyrinth my soul just heard one thing. "Be still and know that I am God." wow...

When I sit down to try to meditate or pray, I notice there is a piece of fuzz on the carpet that I need to get up or realize that I forgot to get something out of the microwave or need to call someone. But when you start the labyrinth walk, you are starting on a journey with a beginning, a middle and an end for the sole purpose (for me anyway) to be in the presence of the Almighty and hear what he might have to say to me.

I love the idea of labyrinth walking. For me, it's nutritious. It feeds my soul.

I have no idea why I'm so intrigued with something I've only done once. Yet, it seems like such a viable tool to understand the journey better.

I'd love to hear from you. Have you ever walked a labyrinth? Ever thought about it? If you have, what was your experience?


Monday, September 8, 2008

I've Joined the Crowd

I've joined the masses who have read Same Kind of Different As Me and are singing it's praises. Outside the obvious reasons to love it (the story), the imagery and use of beautiful words captivated me.

Oh, the way I so often quietly escape God's possibilities when I see things only through my limited eyes! Ron and Denver and their story was a part of God's delicate, intricate and perfect plan. I loved the way Miss Debbie was so open.

I'm starting a book club with a friend later this month. I met her when we were in Leadership Abilene last school year. She works with the City of Abilene. We've agreed this is the book we are going to read. I can't wait to discuss it. Also, I can't wait to hear Denver and Ron on Tuesday night at ACU at 7 p.m. I'll have my book there for them to sign. Will you be there?

What are God's possibilities for our lives? Things we could never hoped for or imagined, I'll bet.'s wonderful. Why? Simply because He loves us.

Really looking,

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Serge's Video

Here is Serge's video. Isn't he something?

Thankful Momma,

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Out of Africa...and Into Our Hearts

This is a photo of Caroline and Serge. For those of you who don't know me, Serge is our "adopted" son from Rwanda. He is a student at Abilene Christian University and the runner extraordinaire that I mention in my profile. We've only known Serge for a couple of years but have adopted him into our family and into our hearts. Our girls think of him as their brother and he considers them his sisters. He calls us Mom and Dad. We are honored. Serge asked Caroline, our youngest, to carry the Rwandan flag during the special chapel at ACU at the beginning of the school year. She was so honored!

Vann and I went to a cross country track meet this morning close to ACU to watch Serge run. Wow. That young man is as fast as lightning on a rainy night in Georgia. It was a four mile run, but Serge was only going to run two miles. He was trying not to tax his body too much since he is leaving for Trinidad for a race the beginning of this week.

It was so exciting to see him break out of the crowd and be first, then second, then first. Something I admire so much about our son is that he always, always gives his all. When faced with hardship, he is looking for the way to make it work. He doesn't give up.

Tomorrow at church there will be a video of Serge. It will be on persecution. This is a topic, unfortunately, that our son knows all about. He is a survivor of the genocide/holocaust that happened in Rwanda in 1994. He was only 6 years old. On his his seventh birthday when the Hutus were hunting for the "Tutsi cockroaches" Serge was running and hiding to save his life. Serge is a Tutsi.

The first May we knew Serge we gave a birthday party for him with just our family. He was so touched. It was the first time in his life his birthday had been celebrated. Oh, the things we take for granted.

I love this young man so much. I love his heart to want to serve others. I love his desire to go back to Rwanda to educate and teach people how to love and accept one another. I love his dedication to school, running and work. I love the way he loves God. I love what he teaches me by his life.

In the presence of true greatness,

Thursday, September 4, 2008


Nothing is constant but change - Anonymous

You may have noticed that I've changed my profile photo... again...and it's not the one I wanted. I've only been blogging for almost 2 months and I've changed my profile photo 4 times now, I think.

I've already changed the header twice. Why? There are just so many options! I can't decide on just one way and leave it!!

One time someone asked me if I had a hard time making a decision and I said, "Well, sometimes I do. Then other times I don't. Then it depends on the situation." Oh, the irony.

As a young girl, nothing would give me more joy and a new lease on life than to rearrange my bedroom. I'd spend hours doing that and the more creative, the better!

But, I married someone who gives me all the leeway in the world, but doesn't like change. Let me explain. The last two times we have moved, my husband has never even seen the inside of the house I've decided on. He's never second guessed me or anything. He doesn't even care how I arrange the furniture, what goes where. Whatever I do, he loves. FOREVER. Yep. He wants it to remain the same from there on out. He'd love to nail the furniture to the floor, while I'd love to play with it and move it from room to room. Give it a little feng shui, you know?

Let's not even start talking about painting a perfectly good room! I'd love to paint our garden room that lovely light turquoise favorite color. I'd like to paint the kitchen, too. I've found that when I get an idea about changes I have to talk about it with my husband for a while before actually tackling it. You know. Get him used to the idea.

We have a little Christmas night light up in our kitchen. We know it's not Christmas, but my sweet, sentimental husband, loves Christmas and loves the friend who gave it to us.'s been up for almost 4 years. Year round. Valentine's, Easter, 4th of July, Halloween, you name it. It is a cute light.

Now, you've got a glimpse into this creative brain of mine and will maybe understand why I'll change my blog template, colors, photos, etc. from time to time...or often.

I don't rearrange a lot of rooms any more, but blog changes...let the fun begin.

Dreaming of new ideas,

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

It's Bunco Time!!!

Tomorrow night - Thursday night, September 4th is Bunco night! YOU are invited! This is a great big fund raiser for the Memory Walk that will go to benefit the Alzheimer's Association. The details are...

Wesley Court

2617 Antilley Road

Abilene, TX

Executive Home Dining Room

6:30 p.m.

Cost - $10.00

Worth - Priceless!

(I know - it's been overused, but it's good, isn't it?)

Prizes for winners and scads of door prizes!

Refreshments and a WHOLE LOTTA GIRL FUN!!

You don't have to RSVP, just show up!!
For directions, call 325-437-1184

Gearing up for some fun,

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Some Days are Like That...Even in Australia

Today I feel as if I've been beaten repeatedly with a wet noodle! It was soooo busy today at work. It was one of those days when the cell phone would be ringing, the desk phone would be ringing and people would be waiting to see me.

It was also a day to pray with a couple of residents about their son who just learned he had cancer, show kindness to someone who was angry and confused, plan towards more Memory Walk fundraisers, pray about test results for a fellow staff person and friend and encourage and listen to someone who is grieving. Hmm. Did I laugh today? I'm not sure.

Today wasn't a bad day. It was just steady, busy, hectic, slammed, crazy, wild, little time to breathe or think kind of day.

Judith Viorst wrote a great little kids book in 1972 called Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day. I really love this book. From the moment he wakes up with gum in his hair, things just do not go Alexander's way. At breakfast, Alexander's brothers Nick and Anthony reach into their cereal boxes and pull out amazing prizes, while all Alexander ends up with is . . . cereal. His teacher doesn't like his drawing of an invisible castle, he loses his yo-yo, there is no dessert in his lunch, the dentist tells him he has a cavity, there is kissing on TV, and he has to wear his railroad train pajamas (he hates his railroad train pajamas). No wonder Alexander wants to move to Australia! The book ends with his mother's assurance that everyone has bad days, even people who live in Australia.

So, today, even though it wasn't a bad day, I realize that even people who live in Australia have days like this.

How was your day? Do you want to move to Australia?

Ready for bed,

Monday, September 1, 2008

God's a Knockin'

I don't know how God shows up in your life or more importantly how you "hear" him speaking to you. For me, it's usually in a few ways.

The first way is when God knocks on my heart. Usually, literally, in a public setting, God places something on my heart he wants me to say...but I don't want to. My heart starts "a palpitating" and I know that it won't slow back to normal until I say what God has for me to share.

And sometimes on more rare occasions, I believe he has used dreams in my life to bring me to him. Not often, but still...

And then another way that God works to help me hear him is when he starts presenting an idea over and over. I realize that it's a point my Father is trying to bring home to me.

Something God is sharing with me now is how important confession is in my life. (I'm not about to say I like this lesson. I DON'T...just for the record.) When we confess our sins, it brings light on them.

I believe confession brings to light the things we are most ashamed of "not being able or willing" to control. But, I ask myself if that is not the problem in the first place. Me trying to control. Me messing up...again. Me, me, me. Arghhh! I fail every time. He never does though. Why can't I get that?

One thing I've come to realize about myself is that I can use my "fluffy" exterior to keep a distance between people. As Chris Seidman said this morning, "If you are looking for "why" all the time, it's a clay pigeon." I don't know why. I've been hurt. But, I'm guessing you have to. Who hasn't?

There. I'm shining a big light on this sin. Sure, it's a sin to eat too much. But more than that, it's hurtful to God when I won't go to him instead of something that isn't even living (or smart), again, as Chris Seidman said this morning.

I want to grow in trusting our father more. It's not about him. He's faithful. I'm just faithless a whole lot of the time. I don't want the evil one to hold me hostage and in the dark with this sin. It's yours, Father. I know you will deal with me lovingly as always.

Adjusting to the light,