Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Little Bitty Spider Buddy

This morning as I was sitting at my computer, I was startled by this little, teeny, weeny spider that appeared between my eyes and the computer monitor. He seemed to float down from the ceiling. Then as if he saw me, he frantically began climing back up his silk strand.

For just an instance I thought of clapping my hands around him and ending his little life. . .just because he's a spider But, I paused. I didn't send him to spider heaven after all. Why? There was just something that touched me about his effort. So I decided, "OK, little bitty spider buddy, even though you are a spider, you deserve to live."

What is it about effort that makes us want to give a little grace? Actually my little spider buddy didn't have a chance if I decided to smack him down. Sometimes that's the way I feel it is with God. I think sometimes I'm frantically going to and fro and trying to make some sort of difference in my life, in the world, or period. When I stop to think about it, all my efforts are really not worthy of anything. The only, only thing that matters is that my efforts are about loving God and honoring him.

I haven't seen my little spider buddy lately. I hope next time I see him he's not a BIG spider buddy. Then, I must say, he wouldn't be much of a buddy at all.

Eyes on my Father,

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