Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Georgia in the Fall

I must confess. I love Abilene, but I really miss the north Georgia mountains in the autumn. We'd stop at roadside stands and buy our fill of apples (the Rome apples were the best) and get some just fried apple pies.

Our family would visit the Tippins' chalet (some family friends) in the north Georgia mountains a couple of times a year. It was gorgeous in the fall.

The photo above isn't the exact view, but it's pretty doggone close! I'll never forget the first time we went to the Tippins' place, I was awed by their lovely home and the unbelievable view. Then, I looked down on the ground and the sunlight was hitting this rock just perfectly. On this rock was a colorful snake. I DO NOT LIKE SNAKES! But...this snake was beautiful. (I'll spare you a photo of a snake on a rock. I checked out Flickr to see what they had and now think I'll have bad dreams of snakes all night.)

Right beside the rock highlighted by the glistening sun was an orange flower. On that ginger colored flower was a beautiful midnight blue butterfly.

I don't think I'll ever forget all of that beauty at one time. God knows me and how I am fed by his beauty. I'm still so thankful for that precious moment in time.

Nature addict,

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Trish said...

I appreciated this post, because I think God knows me and my sense of humor. I am always tickled when God lets me come across something I construe as a joke between us. :) have a great day.