Thursday, September 4, 2008


Nothing is constant but change - Anonymous

You may have noticed that I've changed my profile photo... again...and it's not the one I wanted. I've only been blogging for almost 2 months and I've changed my profile photo 4 times now, I think.

I've already changed the header twice. Why? There are just so many options! I can't decide on just one way and leave it!!

One time someone asked me if I had a hard time making a decision and I said, "Well, sometimes I do. Then other times I don't. Then it depends on the situation." Oh, the irony.

As a young girl, nothing would give me more joy and a new lease on life than to rearrange my bedroom. I'd spend hours doing that and the more creative, the better!

But, I married someone who gives me all the leeway in the world, but doesn't like change. Let me explain. The last two times we have moved, my husband has never even seen the inside of the house I've decided on. He's never second guessed me or anything. He doesn't even care how I arrange the furniture, what goes where. Whatever I do, he loves. FOREVER. Yep. He wants it to remain the same from there on out. He'd love to nail the furniture to the floor, while I'd love to play with it and move it from room to room. Give it a little feng shui, you know?

Let's not even start talking about painting a perfectly good room! I'd love to paint our garden room that lovely light turquoise favorite color. I'd like to paint the kitchen, too. I've found that when I get an idea about changes I have to talk about it with my husband for a while before actually tackling it. You know. Get him used to the idea.

We have a little Christmas night light up in our kitchen. We know it's not Christmas, but my sweet, sentimental husband, loves Christmas and loves the friend who gave it to us.'s been up for almost 4 years. Year round. Valentine's, Easter, 4th of July, Halloween, you name it. It is a cute light.

Now, you've got a glimpse into this creative brain of mine and will maybe understand why I'll change my blog template, colors, photos, etc. from time to time...or often.

I don't rearrange a lot of rooms any more, but blog changes...let the fun begin.

Dreaming of new ideas,


Suzanne said...

I'm with ya sister. The only thing that keeps me from changing my blog template every week or so is the thought that people who read my blog might think I'm I was actually thinking tonight that I'm getting really bored with how it is right now...

Tammy M. said...

Love the blog look, but love the writing even more. Keep on writing sista!

SimplyEverything said...

I'm so indecisive as well! I'm worried if I change my blog around too much though people might not recognize it. Oh well, with all this talk about change, I think I'm gonna switch some things up now...

Tracy at Our Journey said...

I like ur new look. I thought I was on the wrong blog for a minute. lol-don't worry I have changed mine 3 times ;o}

not-so-deep Denise said...

I love your Christmas light - it makes me happy everytime I see it.