Sunday, May 24, 2009

Miss Lissia's B & B

Vann and I had a wonderful time on our getaway. We stayed at Miss Lissia's B & B in Water Valley, TX. It's close to San Angelo. This quaint cottage was once an old school house that Michelle and Derek Doss purchased for a mere $51.00 to save it from destruction. They moved it to their homesite and acreage and found treasures underneat the bones of the building.

They've decorated in late 1800's decor with lots of lace and roses. They have a whirlpool bath, too. The best part for us was the front porch with the rockers. Bella and Suzie, their two dogs were precious and very loving. Patches, the cat made his home in our laps. Once I figure out how to show photos from my phone, I'll post them.

To feel the wind and hear the sights and sounds of west Texas, Miss Lissia's is a delight. Thanks, Michelle and Derek!



Roxanne said...

The B&B sounds lovely! I wish somebody would tell me how to get pics off my phone too!

Can you tell me more about your Thursday night art class?

Mrs. Tracy said...

Sounds like a lovely time....I love front porches. I don't know why we didn't build one on our house ;o{