Tuesday, July 28, 2009


I've been enjoying painting so much! It's odd how I've been drawn to swirls and more swirls. Before when I painted, I actually painted flowers, scenes, etc. Now, I'm just painting a lot of swirls. My friend told me I might be drawn to swirls for a while as there was probably something in me that needed to just paint swirls.

Well, she was right. Then not long ago I was in a shop and found a necklace with, of all things, a "swirl." Imagine that. But, not only was it a swirl, they called it a KORU. In Maori (from New Zealand) it means new beginnings, strength, peace. It is the symbol of a swirled fern frond.

It gave me goose bumps to realize that there was indeed a reason I have been wanting to paint swirls! I am in the midst of new beginnings, strength and peace. My decision, lead by ,to pursue my nursing home administrator's license wasn't an easy one, yet is affirmed daily. I'll begin classes in the fall.

So, even in my art, God speaks to me. He speaks to me in his beauty of nature and people. Isn't it amazing how God uses the gifts and interests he's placed within us to get our attention? I'm so grateful for a God who deals in details.

Yesterday I started a savings account for a trip Vann and I would love to take . . . to New Zealand. I never heard anything back from Ireland, but we'll see where this leads!

So, tell me, have you ever heard of a koru before?



Sheryl said...

wow, i love that your painting the swirls came from something inside you. that is so cool! we never know how God is going to speak to us.

Gabbin' Gal Nan said...

God really does speak to us sometimes in the most bizarre ways. Just heard the other day a phrase on the tv (of all places) regarding something else entirely. However, I applied it to my life while thinking and talking to God. It applied to spiritual matters but also in personal and professional matters that I was going through and the phrase was..."You have no Expiration Date". Truer words were never spoken to me at that crucial moment. Just like I know your swirls are speaking to you. Hope you are well.
Nan Graham

Trish said...

Good work on signing up for classes! You do good work in your position now, but I think it an admirable thing that you want to continue to better yourself to continue to serve the people with whom you work in life-affirming and dignified ways. :)

On another note, I think Facebook suggested you in my friend suggester today. :)