Monday, August 23, 2010

Blind People Don't Like to Skydive

If you first see this, you may think it a bit irreverent until you learn the joke was told by a blind person.

“Blind People Don’t Like to Skydive”

I heard Jody Urquhart at a conference on laughter

in the workplace. She shared this saying with a

deadpan expression and there wasn’t a dry eye in

the house! Everyone laughed!! She went on to say that a blind friend

of hers had shared this joke. If we can’t laugh

at ourselves, we’ve lost the game of life.

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dba Lila’s Journey

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Trish said...

Ha! I LOVE it!!!

Nan Pope said...

You are so talented!!

Tracy said...

I love this one! The look of sarcasm on her face is priceless. Would be great on a t-shirt ;o)

Tracy said...

I'm one of your followers..and have been for A LONG time ;o)
Anyway...when I scroll through all of the blog updates I see this picture and it makes me laugh everytime!
I now I've already commented on it, but this picture is SOOO me ;o) Just had to let you know that it makes me chuckle. ;o)

rawvag said...

wrong... i'm an amd sufferer and i skydive quite a bit and enjoy it.