Saturday, February 19, 2011

The Need to Shake Things Up

I don't know about you, but I get in routines (ruts) frequently. I find something I just love and am like a pit bull gnawing down for all it's worth. Before long, I realize I've just about worn that "something" out and need something new to

Then before I know it, I'm on to the next thing I love and the routine starts again.

But lately in the studio I haven't been painting my girls. I've been working on a collage and some really big pieces for weeks. I know! That's way different for me. These aren't finished, but here's an idea of what's been happening on the easel.

This is a collage piece that has magazine, tissue, small marbles, etc. in and on it. It's going to have a cool door knocker on it when I can figure out how to affix it so that it actually works. Not completed, but it's coming. I like the idea because of the juxtaposition of the images. (Really just wanted to fit that word - - juxtaposition in there cause it's a great word. ) But really, I like the pathway going to nowhere or somewhere, the topiary trees on either side of the door made from pictures and the odd window on the side of the house. The door is filled with my favorite hues of blues, greens and a smidge of purple. It's 16" x 20" on canvas board.

This painting is a quite large 3 feet x 4 feet on a wide canvas. The photos don't do either of these paintings justice. iphones just aren't that great for documenting true colors. This one is acrylic, glaze and gold metallic. It should be finished in a couple of more Saturdays.

Thanks for taking a peak into my studio,

Lila Moonlight

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Sarah said...

LOVE the collage. That's the glory in God-given creativity. There is no limit!