Sunday, June 19, 2011

Lovely Loneliness

This weekend has been a gift. Sometimes painful. Sometimes refreshing. I've written in my journal quite a bit and tried to be in touch with the real me and what my spirit is saying to me. I've
been alone. Completely alone. By choice. My spirit has longed for this.

I go between relishing in these times and hating these times. It's hard and I feel the need to nap. . . a lot. I'm opening myself up to the possibilities before me. Why is it we have to be vulnerable to be able to experience the next big "peg of growth?"

God, you're stuck with me,


Rebecca said...

Hello Susan,
Where have you been? Are you okay? Your last post was about being alone. I can relate to this. I struggle with sensory overload often with four young children and a home that has excellent acoustics. But, I miss you. I pray all is well and that you are just taking a well deserved break, enjoying life to the fullest, living in abundant blessings...
your fellow blogging friend,

Suzanne said...

Hi Ms Lila!

I haven't been on my own blog in quite a while, and I know things get busy! I just wanted to let you know I am thinking of you today, and hope you are doing well!

aka Lily :)