Monday, March 15, 2010

Meet Cadence

Cadence is the smallest girl painting I have done thus far. She is on a 4" x 4 1/2" x 1- 1/4" canvas. The technique I used for Cadence is different that what I've used for any of the other girls, too. I used a lot of scraping, layers and emphasized the imperfections. After all, we are all imperfectly perfect. Aren't we?

Cadence's story is that she has worked at the Library for a number of years logging books and barely paying attention to others. Her world is books. When she leaves work she goes home to surround herself with yet more books. A perfect evening for her is reading on an antique fainting sofa she inherited from her grandmother. She secretly wishes she she were a little more outgoing, however, this is who she is. What is on her lip, you ask? Why, chocolate, of course!

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Roxanne said...

Hi, Susan! I love your banner! She's still my favorite!

I was downtown all day yesterday and today... I enjoyed painting today. White hydrangeas in a large glass vase filled with water. Have you been painting lately? I sure hope so! Hope to see you soon!