Friday, November 5, 2010

Christmas Open House

It's About Time, the lovely shop of old and new finds on South 14th and Albany Street in Abilene is having their Christmas Open House tomorrow. They always do a fabulous job of decorating for the holidays and showcasing their new items.

Some of their new items include some of my new art plaques (smile). I stopped by for a peek this afternoon and was so delighted to see them on their wall.

The store looks fabulous with more serendipity and love and magic packed in there than should be possible. Ah, but these gals know how to pack the punch when it comes to beautifying things and making a heart sing.

One of my favorite collages has a saying by Cindy Petters on it. "When something isn't right, throw a little love at it." What great advice!

I finished this little lady this week. "Why say "yes" when you can squeal "oo la la!" She makes me smile. She's always looking for a way to improve on life by sprinkling fun and joy wherever she goes. She's got a lime green background. The photo quality of these isn't great. They were taken with my iphone.

More to come!
With a twinkle in my eye,

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Karen said...

I went and got the green-eyed lovely that is turning the page. Thanks. I love her. Karen