Saturday, November 1, 2008

I'm Baaa-aaack!

I enjoyed the blogging sabbatical, but missed all of you. I confess, I checked in just a wee bit from time to time.

My husband will testify, that whatever I undertake, I do so with all my heart. (Translation: Whatever I enjoy doing, I'll do so much that I'll neglect anything and everything else.)

Take quilting. Cheryl and I took a quilting class. Operative word here --"A". Well, I loved it. no time, I'd made not one quilt, "oh, no, my fine friends," but FOUR quilts! Everywhere I went I was looking for fabric - - clothing fabric, tablecloth fabric, vintage fabric, you get the idea.

Another time when our girls were small my obsession was cross-stitching. Every night I cross-stitched and cross-stitched...and cross-stitched some more. Well, you guessed it, I'm done with that!

Yep. That's me. All or none. I guess that's why I didn't just start one blog. Oh, no, Nellie! I started THREE blogs. All good ideas...(for three people, maybe.) The "When I'm 64" blog is gone for now...until further notice. The "Escape the Ordinary" Blog will have something on it when there is something worth posting. Maybe a lot, maybe not.

Why am I like this? Oh, I could take the easy way out and be like Forrest Gump and say, "Momma always said, "If you can't do it perfectly (i.e. all the way to excellence squared--or at least that was my internal translation), it's not worth doing at all."

Or, I could come clean to you and tell you the truth. I can have addictive behaviors that I need to constantly submit to God. Too much of anything is just... too much. It's simply not God honoring.

So, I re-enter the blogosphere submitting my desire to read, write, Flickr (and make new blog headers) to God.

I had a friend once who when asked what she knew about balance quipped, "Oh sure! I know a lot about balance. I recognize it every time I swing past it."

I don't want to be like that. I want to be open to be the balanced, creative spirit and God honoring soul God created me to be.

At Praise team practice the other night we sang a song called "I'm Yours Lord". It goes like this.

I'm yours, Lord
Everything I've got
Everything I Am
Everything I'm not

I'm yours, Lord
Try me now and see
Cause I want to be
Completely yours.

That's my prayer,


Sarah said...

I've missed you!! Balance, if we are all honest, is very elusive for each of us.... I think some semblance of it can only be found by full submission to God -- I'll let you know if I ever get there!

Tammy M. said...

Hi Miss Lila, welcome back to your blog. Look forward to reading your words.

Anonymous said...


You're back!!! Although I was praying for you.. I admit I missed you.

Suzanne said...

Oh my goodness, I was just sitting here thinking I'd been at my computer way too long and need to get up and do something else. Then I notice that you're back, so of course I MUST read this. All or nothing, that's me

So glad you're back!