Thursday, February 5, 2009

Happy Birthday, Katie Lea

Kittenfur, Kitty, Kit, Kate, Sissy. These are all names our Katie Lea has acquired over her now 24 years on this earth.

I'm so grateful that God allowed Katie Lea to be OUR daughter. At times her strong will and my will collided until I began seeing our strong willed little girl becoming a woman of passion.

All during my pregnancy with Kit, Vann and I prayed that she would not be a vanilla person but rather a flavor like snickerdoodle or raspberry with chocolate or tutti frutti. God gave us the desires of our heart and blessed us with a daughter who is dark chocolate with a smidge of tabasco thrown in. :) It's a great combination!

I've never heard of another lady who had to be induced 4 times (yes, that's right...4 times!) in order for the baby to come. But I, my friends, was induced 4 times. It was as if Katie Lea had her hands and feet on the wall of my uterus and was saying to us, "I'm just not ready! Back off, Jack!"

God has blessed this precious young woman with passion, artistic ability, an abundance of love and many friends. For this I'm so grateful. (And, she'll never give up on my trying to do "glamour lips" with her even though I've told her thin-lipped women just can't do it!)

Happy Birthday, Sweet Kittenfur. You'll always be our precious little girl.

Kitty Crazy,


Sheryl said...

What a great birthday tribute for your daughter. You sound so very proud.

I have to ask...what on earth are you wearing in that first picture??

Sharon said...

I already said "happy birthday" to Katie Lea in Vann's blog (he had one before you, so it is on my list before yours!), but HAPPY BIRTHDAY KATIE LEA!!! and make it doubly happy!

By the way, I think it is pretty normal for moms and daughters to clash. I've heard that it's that they are too much alike (and that they don't want to admit it!). Maybe it's the same qualities that just show up in different ways??

A happy day to both of you, though,(and to the dad & sis, also, of course).

Allison Connor said...

David's mom was induced 4 times and he still did not come!!! He was due in early-mid Feb and was not born until March least she came!! =)

Michelle said...

Wow, you can see her individuality in those picts, I love it! Happy Birthday!

Tea With Tiffany said...

Happy precious birthday to your Katie Lea!

She's beautiful like you.