Friday, February 13, 2009

How to Simplify Your Life - Part 4

Make a plan for the weekend that doesn't involve work. Plan to spend more time with your family or with people who make positive contributions to your life.

Stop spending time with people who are a drain on your energy or vitality. Get with nutritious people and avoid excessive time with toxic people.

Carry a smaller wallet or purse. Start by cleaning out the one you've got. Get rid of unnecessary credit cards and other clutter that you don't use regularly. (I love this idea! When you go in Target and have to get a cart for your purse...something's wrong.)

Make time for yourself. Set aside time each day to reflect quietly, go for a walk, plan for your future or pray. Visit the park instead of the mall.

Cut back on your children's planned activities. If they have to use a time planner to schedule their activities, and you spend all of your time taxiing them around, they're probably too busy... and so are you. One little boy said to his mom, "I work hard at school all day, go to boy scouts, take Taekwondo. When do I just have time to be Jesse?" Indeed.

Clearer and clearer,

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Tea With Tiffany said...

"Simplify" is a sign hanging in my kitchen. I love your advice. I may do my purse this weekend.

Love the beauty of your header. I'd love to know how you did that. Amazing!