Sunday, June 7, 2009


Our oldest daughter, Katie Lea, is working half time at our retirement community Wesley Court and beginning Monday will work half time at Mesa Springs, our sister facility. I've been amazed at her gentleness and concern with our residents and have been surprised at how much she has loved it.

Katie Lea cracks me up with her dry humor. She e-mailed me this conversation she had with one of our residents (that I've renamed) the other day. Funny thing is, she is right on target!

Pearl - *She walks up rubbing her arms*
Burr. It sure is cold in here! Aren't you freezing?

Katie Lea - No, I'm actually quite warm. I even have the fan blowing on me.

Pearl - Well, that is just crazy. I am freezing. The wind's blowing from the north today.

Katie Lea - mmm hmm

Pearl - Aren't you freezing?

Katie Lea - Nope. Not at all.

Pearl - TC Wesley is sitting out there on the pavement. I don't know why he's sitting there instead of those comfortable chairs.

Katie Lea - Well, I'll bet he enjoys that. The pavement is a bit cooler.

*Pearl walks over to the other side of the door and complains that the plant is in the way."

Pearl - Burr, it sure is cold.I would go see Tomcat Wesley, but it is so cold. Aren't you freezing?

Katie Lea - No.

Pearl - Well, I don't know if I wanna go see the movie tonight. I'm just tired of sitting in my apartment.

Katie Lea - You should go.

Pearl - TC is just sitting down there on the pavement. I wonder why he's not in one of those chairs?

Katie Lea - I'm not sure.

Pearl - Well, I guess I'll go back to my apartment now.

Makes me smile.

I really love my job,

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