Friday, June 5, 2009

Just Purr-fect

Several months ago a stray cat came to visit us at Wesley Court. He's such a cute and friendly thing. Gray fur and a wompy-jawed incisor. No collar. No home, but lots of love.

Before we knew it our retired residents at Wesley Court were feeding the cat and even gave him a name...TC (Tom Cat) Wesley. It was so great to see some of our residents who are otherwise kind of listless perk up when the saw TC.

TC all of a sudden had his favorite chair, a little house provided for him, a food dish and yes, even a blankie. You'd see him jump up on Betty's rolling walker and sit on the seat while they walked around the lake. You'd see him hop up in Ruby's lap and turn over so she could stroke his belly. You'd see "Mr. Curmudgeon" become friendly and talk like a baby to him. All of a sudden, we had a gift from God...a pet providing therapy!

After he became so popular (and especially after they named him) I knew it was time for a meeting to see about getting a permanent home for him. We didn't want him attracting other cats (which he had done) or varmints (isn't that such a southern back woods word?) up close to our retirement community.

As we met together, it was clear that many felt that TC was a part of "the home" now while a couple of others referred to him as "that darn cat." I proposed that we take TC to the vet and have him fixed, de-wormed and to get his rabies shots. (One of our resident's children volunteered to pay for that and also to have his tooth pulled.) When I told the residents about someone agreeing to have his tooth pulled, the air went out of the room. No one wanted to do that. They said that was what made him so cute! (Agreed!)

The consensus was built that we would take him to the vet and then make his permanent home in our lovely courtyard - a very spacious outdoor area filled with beauty.

I picked up TC from the vet yesterday and Betty "babysat" him all night after his surgery. This morning he was "catting about" in our courtyard and having the time of his life. He loves his new home!

TC being in the courtyard was the buzz around Wesley Court today. I can see his special spot and his chair from my window. What a neat gift!

He's a well loved cat. The beautiful thing is he loves back.

Purr-fectly content,

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Sheryl said...

what a great story! i think it really is true that animals can be wonderful therapy.

so funny about that tooth!!