Saturday, June 20, 2009


I'm so thankful I've had the blessing of experiencing 3 wonderful dads in my life. Let me explain.

I had Diddy, my daddy, until five years ago. He died on April Fool's Day 2004. I never, ever, ever doubted his love for me. Daddy would rock me in the rocking chair until HE went to sleep.

I get to experience daily the precious dad that my husband, Vann, is to our girls and our "adopted son", Serge. Vann would do anything at all for our precious children.

Finally, I have my heavenly daddy who will cradle me in his arms and remind me that he is always there for me and that he is bigger than anything life can throw my way.

How many ways can you say thankful?
"Susan", "Susie", "Daughter of Mine"

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