Saturday, January 23, 2010


I've known Dixie. Of course growing up in Birmingham, Alabama (said with a sassy, southern accent), I would have known some Dixies. Their names may not have all been Dixie, but...

Dixie is a true Southern Belle. She adores Dolly Parton, rhinestones and her boyfriend of seven years. She absolutely loves roller blading.

My studio is going to be open for Artwalk on Thursday, February 11th at Cockerell Galleries in downtown Abilene. I hope you'll stop by to see me and meet Dixie and the other girls.

Nothing would make me happier,


Trish said...

Doood! I wish I lived in Texas. I'd totally be down for stopping by. I hope you get lots of drop ins to see your art.

Roxanne said...

Susan! How cool! I love Dixie and I so happy you'll be open for artwalk. I would love to drop by but Mike is having hip replacement surgery on the 9th. Maybe in March...and I hope to be ready by April. I'm proud of you Susan. Big hug!