Sunday, January 17, 2010

Meet Liz

I have had the most restorative time at my studio lately. I've been painting ladies' faces and have quite a wall of them now. I'm not sure why I've chosen to paint women's faces, other than you can tell so much about a woman by her eyes.

This is Liz. She is aging quicker than she'd like but wants to be authentic. Liz is letting her hair gray naturally. Her adoring husband assures he she's more beautiful than the day he married her. Liz is a blessed woman.

Some new friends came into my studio tonight and commented on the ladies I had been painting. I heard, "Oh, Ellie is like me!" Or, "I can relate to Audra." They each have a story. That affirmation was just what I needed. Thank you, Lord.

That's the beautiful thing about people. There is common ground with everyone when we take the time to explore it.

Authentically blessed,


Laura said...

What a wonderful closing: authentically blessed. I love that.

Thank you for visiting my blog-
I enjoyed visiting,


winstonbot said...

thanks for your comment...we stay at bed and breakfasts most of the time and was wondering where you are..we might need to take a roadtrip your way someday !!!!