Friday, January 1, 2010

Going Gray

I finished the book, Going Gray by Anne Kreamer. It was full of insights and practical "research."

In it she quotes, "Andrew Weil's take in his recent book Healthy Aging is similar: "If aging is written into the laws of the universe, then acceptance of it must be a prerequisite for doing it in a graceful way. Yet nonacceptance of aging seems to be the rule in our society, not the exception. A great many people try to deny its reality and progress. " His ultimate conclusion is that to deny aging is to deny ourselves access to a deeply nourishing experience. "Because aging reminds us of our own mortality, it can be a primary stimulus to spiritual awakening and growth."

In response to Andrew Weil's writing, Anne Kreamer writes, "Bingo! My whole experience hasn't been just about letting my hair grow in it's natural gray. It's been about growing up and pardon the touchy-feely cliche - - continuing to evolve as a person. By insisting on having hair that looked like it did when I was thirty and thirty-five, I think I really had been forfeiting one of the most important tools for optimal aging - - that is facing it squarely, accepting it incrementally I think that each year, as my hair becomes whiter, I will be a little more ready to celebrate the good things about my "here and now." I have every intention of avoiding the frail, frightened, old-lady stereotype - - to remain as fit and curious as possible - - but I am no longer afraid to show my true age. It's simple. I'm proud of what I've done, the years I've lived, how far I've come. I'm happier going through each day on the sidewalk, in sotres and restaurants, at parties - - being as honest as I can be about who I really am.

She's letting herself go. I'm trying, anyhow. Letting go of false fronts and mass-market expectations. Letting go for me is all about - - self-help alert - - finding myself."

Well said, Anne. After reading this book, I'm no longer just begrudgingly letting my hair go to it's natural color, I'm actually looking forward to it.

Gray today,

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