Wednesday, May 26, 2010


West Texas has been especially beautiful this spring. Thank you, Father! In the five plus years we've been here, I've never seen the flowers look as vivid as they have lately. While the bluebonnets are fading now, they certainly were vivid.

I took the bluebonnet and yellow flowers photos at the Abilene Airport. All that beauty and sky...Wow! I took the photo of the tree and buttercups in our next door neighbor's yard. I remember as a Kindergarten student playing in the field of buttercups with friends and gently putting the flowers up to our chins to make a "pollen beard." We'd giggle with glee as we'd check out each other's yellow beards.

Don't you know God planned that and takes delight in children (and all of us enjoying his beautiful nature?

Our Father certainly shows off his glory. I'm so thankful he does. It's through his beautiful nature that I so often catch a glimpse of him and his wonders. It's through the vast splendor to the intricate details of his handiwork that I'm reminded how much he loves me.


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