Saturday, May 8, 2010


It seems like too many times I enter a situation by saying (or thinking) I can't (won't, shouldn't couldn't...) But what if I said "what if" instead? That would certainly give me more opportunities to explore the unexpected, unexplored and other possibilities that maybe, just maybe God is opening for me.

I love this What If painting. She looks so contemplative and open to the bubbling possibilities that are surrounding her.

Have you ever seen someone and immediately sized them up? I have, I am ashamed to say. I saw this individual last week and immediately sized him up in my mind. It wasn't bad mind you, but how limiting! A few days later I had the opportunity to have a conversation with him and boy, what I wrong about him. My sizing up scale scored a big fat ZERO.

What if I went into life wide open to the possibilities of the day? I think that would be pleasing to God...and more fulfilling to me, too.

What if?

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