Friday, May 14, 2010


I am so excited about Serge and Esperance's wedding. Serge is our "adopted son" from Rwanda, for those of you just tuning in. He's not legally adopted, but rather adopted by our heart strings. Serge graduated from Abilene Christian University and is now getting his graduate degree there. His connection with ACU is how we got to know him.

Now, Serge is in love with Esperance and they are getting married July 24th. He asked me if I wanted to wear an African dress for the wedding and I said, YOU BET! Katie Lea and Caroline are both wearing African dresses for the wedding. I hope I look as beautiful as Shannon (Lair) in the photo below. That's Shannon and Serge at Serge's brother's wedding a year ago.

Esperance (Espe as we call her) is a love. She is from Congo and goes to school in Abilene, too. She is beautiful, kind and is a lovely Christian young lady. She will be a beautiful bride. I'm so excited for the wedding and even more so for the life Serge and Espe will enjoy together.

God is faithful,

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