Sunday, October 10, 2010

The Day After The Day

Yesterday was homecoming and our youngest daughter, Caroline was on homecoming court. It was such an honor to be a part of this experience with her. She was beautiful inside and out, as always. (I hope to post some pictures soon.)

I had planned to be in North Carolina with some old and dear friends for some much needed R & R this weekend and postponed my trip because my baby girl was being honored! Vann had also planned to be out of town but got an earlier arrival back so that he could escort her. What a precious daddy and husband he is.

So, Friday was recognition in chapel for the homecoming court, lunch and the Queen's Tea. It was all perfectly delightful. Yesterday was the morning homecoming parade, another chapel with recognition for Caroline, lunch and then the homecoming game. Another wonderful day to remember.

I came home afterwards and sat in my recliner and don't think I moved until I went upstairs to go to bed. I was exhausted. I kept trying to figure out why I was so tired. Caroline was the one with the busy schedule. Not me. She was the one who woke up at 3 a.m. to coordinate the parade that she was helping to co-lead. Not me. She was the one who went from one event to the next showing graciousness and a beautiful character. Not me. I was just the supporting cast.

But, today as I've fought the blues, I've begun to realize that I was with Caroline through all of it. I was feeling every elation, every emotion that she was feeling. . . real or imagined.

Isn't that the way it is when you are a mom? So, today, I'm sitting with these feelings (and fatigue), trying to not have all the answers . . . today. . . and allowing myself to just be. Us introverted souls need time for quiet reflection so that we can embrace the world again. I'm sure tomorrow the joy will return when I get another good night's sleep. My spirit is just weary.

Yesterday Vann was with Care and as they were heading to the homecoming court, he witnessed her speaking with a student who might be considered "one of the least of these." Caroline in her usual big-hearted fashion called them by name and asked how they were doing. This student told her he voted for her. She's our Queen of Hearts.

Am I proud? I know the correct answer is, "Of course I am." But truth be known, I'm really more just incredibly thankful that God has placed these amazing children in our lives.

As always,


Sarah said...

Tears in my eyes. I know that you were proud before the student body recognized what a beautiful soul that girl is. And, oh, the exhaustion of emoting with our babies! :-) I'm going through it, too, and I think the teen years were easier when I actually was one and wasn't inflicting my life on one. So happy for your Queen of all of our Hearts. May rest and peace be yours. Continue to bask.

Lisa said...

I'm glad that you had some time to reflect. I don't think there is a greater feeling than that of gratitude for the blessings that our children bring us. Sometimes they bring us so much joy that we just want to pop, right?
Both of your girls seem really special. I see in all of you a "Southern Belle" beauty.

Roxanne said...

Love this post! I'm so glad you shared!

I also love your new girls... I can ee them on coffee cups and calenders. Congratulations!

I love you too, Lila!