Saturday, April 18, 2009

40th Birthdays

Once upon a time, there were three imaginative girls. They were closer than close in high school. They told each other their juicy secrets and spent evenings imagining what they would become when they grew up. The future was bright with promise, but the unknown loomed behind every corner.

Every year they celebrated their birthdays together as their birthdays were all within a week of each others.

Graduation day drew nearer and in a desperate attempt to hold on to the good times they had had, they promised that no matter where they ended up they would get together on their fortieth birthday week.

Life took them far from each other and joy and hardship came. Time went by and the promise that was made was pushed to the back of their minds.

But as the fortieth birthdays of the girls drew near, the promise again resurfaced.

Those three girls are turning 40 this week - - twenty two years after their graduation. They are reunited and remembering old times and planning their next adventure.

I'm thankful that this memory maker of a weekend is taking place in our little Bed and Breakfast...Journey's Inn.

What dreams have you forgotten? Is it time to stoke the fires again?



Linda said...

ah yes....

forty was VERY freeing...

I'll have to think re: your question....

Sheryl said...

what fun to be a part of that reunion and celebration!!

your question is one that makes me shake my head because i don't know that i have ever had any dreams! guess i'll need to get some.

Sharon said...

You know, it's such a good idea to remember the dreams, maybe even begin a couple more of them. That would take a bite out of the disappointments, if anything would. Love you, girl, for keeping us on our toes.

Trish said...

On an unrelated (to this post, at least) note... I wanted to let you know that I laughed out loud (for real!) when I read your twitter thing about bodily functions. Thanks for the laugh!