Thursday, April 9, 2009

Fairies Abound

Our retirement community has at least two fairies. Fairies, you say? Yep.

We have a delightfully wonderful Flower Fairy. She works diligently in the courtyard planting and caring for flowers. Then as the flowers bloom she makes her way around cutting the blossoms and putting in cups to take to our residents in our nursing centers (and some very appreciative staff, too.) I love seeing her flit up and down the halls with her flowers spreading sunshine wherever she goes.

We are also blessed to have a Hug Fairy. This precious lady has some memory loss but goes around day after day giving hugs. She'll come to my office, peep her head in and ask how I'm doing. After my usual response of "I'm doing well" she comes back with, "How are you REALLY doing." To which I always reply, "I'm really doing well." She'll then ask if I need a hug. Of course, ALWAYS!

When her task with me is done, she flies away searching for her next hug recipient. Lucky person!

I want to be a fairy, too. I think I want to be an Encouragement Fairy. What kind of fairy do you want to be?

Flittin' and Floatin',

1 comment:

Trish said...

I would like to be the Laughter Fairy. Giving laughs and helping other people laugh. Sounds good to me!