Thursday, April 30, 2009

No, Uh, Uh!

Today I gifted myself (ha) by thinking of some of the ways I've been stubborn. Here are a couple...

I recalled the time when I was probably about 10 years old and was adamant about the 'fact' that "not all meat was from animals!" My mother, unable to convince me, tried to get me to see reason. None of that reasoning stuff for me. Even when I knew she was right, I wouldn't admit it.

I recalled another time that my mom told me that not all people chose to be happy. I was about thirteen at the time. I think I all but rolled my eyes out of my head at that "stupid" comment and all but said (out loud) that she was a nincompoop. Ah...early adolescence.

It was probably about during that thirteenth year that I told my mom that you didn't have to brush your teeth to make sure they were clean. (Huh?!)

All that vying for power and control. Whoo-ee. We do that from such an early age. I'm praying that as I grow older, I'll become less and that God will become more in my life.

Would you be willing to share any time you were absolutely certain you were right, but discovered you were wrong?

Giving it up,


Suzanne said...

Oh, I'm sure there have been too many for me to list! LOL

I do remember once as a teen when my mom tried to convince me that there was no way our last name had the most letters of any last name. I guess it just seemed ultra long to me with a whopping 8 there a sillier thing to argue about? That must be why one of her favorite phrases about me was "she'd argue with a fence post!"

Cheryl said...

I loved school so much. In kindergarten I was convinced that school was happening on Saturday and that my mom was keeping me home unfairly. She was depriving me of school. I was just sure. I complained so much, she drove me to school on Saturday to show me the empty halls. :-)

Roxanne said...

Oh my! The list is too long here! Though I'm sure my mother, brother and sister could quickly rattle off a few dozen! However, I'm pleased to report that through the years, my precious heavenly Father has gently sifted a lot of that stubborness from me. Thank God!

Susan, I wanted to tell you that this Saturday morning at 10:00, I'm having a brunch and Southern Living at Home party. It's Come and Go til 11:30. If your able, I'd love for you to drop by! Feel free to bring a friend.I've meant to drop an invite in your mailbox...

Guess what? A Girl Named Zippy was one of my favorite books!

Thanks again for your blog visit and comment. I agree that mossy barn and pink tulips would make a good painting! I'll look forward to showing it to you.

Roxanne said...

I have been stubborn myself at times, but I TEACH 8th graders (13/14) so I needed a reminder that it is perfectly logical TO THEM to argue with me that it is an unreasonable expectation I have that they to come to class with a pencil. Or pen. Or stay in their seats while I deliver the lesson. Or don't make fun of others. Thankfully, school is almost out.