Wednesday, January 14, 2009

I Confess - I'm an Organizationaholic Wanna Be

All a magazine has to say on the cover is "Organize Your Life" and I'll plunk down the money in hopes of finding one organization tool that will help. Have you ever noticed just how many magazines have this on the cover? Most of them!

Life is so much simpler now that we are almost empty nesters, but still I long for ultimate organization...whatever that really means.

I've planned this grand Queen Mother of garage sales 3 times now and have canceled it every time. Why? It's a lot of work. Will I feel better after it's over? Yes (well, a week or two after it's over.)

I love the idea of some of my old treasures finding a new home. I think what I really love is the idea that I can start with a fresh slate and get new treasures! HA!

I'm really pretty organized for the most part. But, there are certain parts of my world that aren't. Why is it that when we get everything organized, our LIVES feel in order, too? I'm heading up to clean out Blue Heaven a little.

I'd LOVE to hear your organizational tips. I'll share some of mine later, too. Just think. We won't have to plunk down $5.95 for a magazine to tell us what to do!

Thinking orderly thoughts,

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Suzanne said...

The only organizational tip that works for me...get.rid.of.stuff.

If I try to hold on to stuff till I get around to having a garage sale, I'll never get rid of anything. Of course, I'm still working on perfecting this organizational tip for myself as I'm not very good at it yet...