Friday, January 30, 2009

Tough Call

I had to do a tough thing today. I work at a retirement community. One of our residents has a bad health condition that has left him quite scared. He's basically attached himself to the hip of those wonderful ladies who work at our front desk; often not getting the hint when others need to conduct business in a private manner.

A lot of deliberation and prayer went into my decision to finally speak with him today. I shared with him how much we all loved and liked him and how much we loved to kid and joke with him. Yet, we needed him to position himself more in the lobby instead of behind the front desk as some private business needed to be conducted.

He quietly went into the lobby to sit, but then soon went to his home. My heart hurt. He's lonely. He's afraid. And the beautiful ladies who work at the front desk are so good at loving. Yet, the good of others was being compromised.

I've told the receptionists we need to make a concerted effort to love on him an extra especially. I don't like playing the bad cop.

Trying to be fair,

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Michelle said...

aw...bless his heart. That has got to be hard.