Thursday, January 1, 2009

Looking for the Divine in 2009

This year will be a year for divine love. The dictionary defines divine as "connected with worship, relating to the worship or service of God; pleasing attractive or well performed."

Do you make new years resolutions? I don't really do that in the truest sense of the word. However, I do try to make some tangible goals for myself - - both personal and professional.

I'm running a little behind on working on those goals this year. I'm going to have some prayerful contemplation today to consider what those goals might be in 2009.

Yesterday as I thought back over 2008 I was struck with how many challenging, hard and at times crushing events occurred. I made a list of the things that instantly came to mind. Yep, there were some bad things in the year.

However, then I made a list of the things I counted as blessings in 2008 and you guessed it. That list outweighed the other list. In fact in a couple of instances, the "bad list" and the "good list" sometimes had the same items on it!

I wish for you this year...
~ God's peace in trials
~ Utter awareness of blessings
~ Inexplicable joy
~ Clarity of divine love expressed

This is my heartfelt prayer for you,


Sheryl said...

Hi there Lila! I think I will be borrowing your post title for myself. That is exactly what my goal is for 2009. I have committed to being IN the Word, to really know Him and to look for what He wants me to do.

As you know 2008 has been one of the roughest of my life, but I would agree that what I consider bad would also be a blessing. Had it not bad for the "bad", I never would have met people like you.

Thanks for your encouragment and for cheering me on.

Love to you,

JoAnn said...

What a great vision for 2009! Like you, I'm hopeful this new year will be a peaceful one for all of us. Hugs, Jae