Friday, December 26, 2008

The Pruitts are Coming!

Vann and I are headed over to help Ricky and Cindy Pruitt (our new youth minister and family) move into their home in the morning.

We're delighted that Ricky and Cindy and their family (Aubrey, 8 years; Laurel, 6 years and Cooper, 10 months old)
are coming. They will be such a wonderful addition to our church. Vann and Ricky worked together when Ricky was a college intern at our former church (some years ago). Ricky and Cindy have a love for teenagers that is so apparent.

Join us if you have some time. We're getting there about 9 a.m.

Oh, this brings back so many memories. It was four years ago yesterday that we made the looooong trek from Atlanta to Abilene. Yes, we did drive here to move on Christmas day. Our moving truck got here on the 27th...just like Ricky and Cindy. wow.

Is anyone else hearing the song from "The Way We Were" - - "Memories...Like the corners of my mind. Misty water-colored memories. Of the way we were." By the way, seeing that movie was my first date with Doug Mayhall. I was in the 10th grade. Doug was a junior. That was a short relationship. But I digress...

Say a prayer for Ricky, Cindy and their kiddos as they adjust to Abilene and west Texas. We're thankful they are coming our way!



Jennifer said...

I came across your blog through another know how that goes-right? I loved reading some of your posts'. Your family is beautiful. I will be back.

Joyful said...

Thanks for visiting my blog. Hope the move with your new Youth Pastor and his family went well.

Happy New Year,

Beth E. said...

Thanks so much for visiting my blog and commenting! You have a beautiful family, and I've enjoyed getting to know you through your blog.

The stories of your mother remind me of my precious aunt. She, too, had Alzheimer's. She was 12 years older than my dad, her brother. I helped to care for her during her last few years. She was like a grandmother to me, my sister, and brother. We all loved her dearly and it was very painful to watch her go through the effects of the disease. She went home to heaven several years ago.

I will be sure to pray for your mother and your family!

Please come back to visit whenever you get a chance. :o)


Zoe said...

What a wonderul blog, I've enjoyed getting to know you through your words. Happy New Year my new friend.