Sunday, December 7, 2008

Blue Heaven

My new blog header reminds me of "My Blue Heaven." What is My Blue Heaven? It's my space. It's my cozy haven that I escape to to read, rest, sew, decoupage, journal...dream.

My Blue Heaven is at the tippy top of my house on the 3rd floor. It's in an attic room that has been converted to a room. I have all of my favorite things in there. I have religious art (kind of got on that kick when we visited Italy), shabby chic, leopard and all of my favorite things.

Right now, My Blue Heaven is a mess. That's where I am quilting Caroline's quilt. It's got fur, fabric and strings everywhere! Sometimes I catch Vann and our cat, Rosey up in My Blue Heaven. At first, I was like, "Uh, excuse me, but this is MY Blue Heaven. But, God gave me this space, so I'll happily share if there are no comments about how messy it is. And, there aren't.

My Blue Heaven has a window with a lace curtain over it that lets the south light shine in just so. I love the wide plank pine floors that have a little paint on them and I love the turquoise color of the walls and the white trim.

I have original art up in there by Caroline, Katie Lea, a resident from Christian Towers, and other unknowns and me. My Blue Heaven is just a "few of my favorite things." I'm thankful for beautiful places that nourish my soul.

Do you have a special spot that is just yours? It can be a special chair, a luscious throw a desk or anywhere. It can be outside. I'd love to hear where you just allow yourself to be and to dream.


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Anonymous said...

I've moved so often that I've never really found a specific Blue Heaven.. one thing I do love though, is walking along the lake sorting rocks.. by myself. I find the silence, the sound of the water and the vastness of the beauty around me... as a reminder of how small I am.

My fears never come out of how small I am, on the contrary it's when I think I am big enough to need to control how things will work.. that's where there are problems. Seeing that I am simply another part of God's creation, a precious and loved part.. but a PART (not the whole) of it nonetheless.. I find peace.