Friday, December 5, 2008

Shandi and Snow

I've blogged about Shandi before, but I'm telling you, this gal has a God given talent. I wish I could write the way she does. Her latest post is very vulnerable and poignant. Friends, Shandi is only 18 years old. If you have any ideas for how to get her writing out to more people, please let one of us know. I feel a conviction about this young lady. One day I will be glad to say "I knew her when..." Check her out.

When I worked at Christian Towers, the retirement community in Atlanta, we had a lady there named Snow. During our annual Christmas party I noticed Snow going through the buffet and loading up her plate. When I looked at her plate again, I did a double take. She had put a whole cheese ball on her plate!!!!

I non-chalantly followed Snow over to where she was sitting and talking with a group of friends. As she dipped off of the cheese ball and scooped one spoonful after another into her mouth I heard her exclaim through cheese ball loaded cheeks, "My doctor tells me my cholesterol is too high and I just don't understand it. I do everything he tells me to do!"

By the way, the photo is of Shandi, but is not of Snow.

Truth can be stranger than fiction,

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Anonymous said...

Susan.. if I could give you a hug right now I would. Thank you.. today has been long and hard, well the past month has been... but you're a gift from God.

Much love,