Wednesday, December 17, 2008


What a beautiful southern, seaside town Fairhope, Alabama is. I went to college with a girl named Florence from Fairhope. I have known a girl named Fairanna. I wonder if Fairanna is from Fairhope.

The name is lovely. The town is quaint and serene. The pier mystical.

Mobile Bay Pier

Wind gently tousling my hair and eyelashes
Embracing my skin with it's caress
Flag pole cord whipping against the stand
announcing for all to hear - "I'm here, I'm here!"
The smell of healing salty air
nourishing my lungs
Seagulls speaking to one another in seagull ease
knowing their secrets are safe from me
Children playing without a care as
Water dutifully laps against rocks
Mansion on a hill studying the scene while
Sailboats fritter away the afternoon
Fisherman weathered by life
yet rejuvenated by routine
Niece and uncle reminiscing of old times on the pier
fishing poles lost, skinned knees
Seagulls in a row.
Uniform in size yet God knows each one.
Wordless wonder
Fairhope. Beautiful anticipation.

Living in hope,

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bluemullet said...

Your recent Fairhope blog post showed up in the daily Google alerts for "fairhope" news and articles!

I'm glad you enjoyed your visit to Fairhope. My wife and I feel blessed to live here full-time! It's like being on vacation year-round.

Let me know when you get back this way..and I'll direct you to more local scenery.

Until then, for more photos of Fairhope check out

All the best,

Dan Therrell
Fairhope, AL

P.S. I didn't see a link to your bed and breakfast, Journey's End in Abilene. Please post it..never know when us Fairhopers might wanna travel out your way!