Tuesday, December 2, 2008

I Want to be a Christian...if it's convenient

I've been kind of absent in bloggy world for the past almost week. I really enjoyed time with my family over the break. Quilting Caroline's blanket (shhh, don't tell her) has taken up a lot of my evening time. Work this week has been so busy!!

Cheryl shared something with me this morning that was (I'm searching for a word) ...unbelievable, astounding, mouth drop wide open astonishing. You get the idea.

Cheryl said she had run into Tina (made up name to protect the guilty). Tina is known for knowing (and spreading) all the town gossip. Cheryl lives in a smaller town. Tina asked Cheryl how things were this year with a personal venture and hoped they were better than last year. Cheryl commented that she didn't know they were bad last year. Tina assured her they were bad because Jim and Staci (more made up names to protect the maybe-guilty) had told Tina things were bad. Tina then went on to invite Cheryl to lunch to... GET THIS...compare notes about Jim and Staci in a "Christian sort of way."

Well. Basta ma gida!

Cheryl assured her she didn't have time for lunch and didn't get caught up in the drama of their small town. (Good for her!)

No wonder we don't get Christ's message. We're so busy trying to water it down and make it into something that is pleasing to us. OK, maybe you're not, but I'm guilty sometimes.

None of that picking up your cross and lugging it around stuff. Of course, none of that dying to yourself nonsense either. And lying, gossip and slandering. Why that doesn't matter if you do it in a "Christian sort of way."

My, my,


Sarah said...

That makes me mad on so many levels. Speechless...

Anonymous said...

To be honest... right now, besides blogging, sharing my writing with my friends and teachers.. I really am doing nothing with it.

I have an intense desire to share it, I write for the world.. I have so much to say.. yet despite what has turned into years of research. I am no closer to knowing what to do with it, where to send it.. or how to go about it.

Any and all ideas are entirely welcome.


Suzanne said...

Oh so true. I wear a bracelet that is supposed to remind me to be more Christlike...then I find myself wanting to take it off at times because I feel like I fail so much. That's when I love the old phrase that says "the Christian life is a series of falling down and getting back up, falling down and getting back up.

I'm so thankful that God keeps reminding me to get back up.

Anonymous said...

I hope you enjoy my latest blog. One of the best ways for me to work through my deepest struggles is to turn them into scenes from stories. It's possibly my most vulnerable post so far..


Sharon said...

It seems that by being impacted by the intense pain from such carelessness, either personally or by watching someone else massacred by it, that one becomes so sickened by this behavior, that it becomes easy to say, "No, thank you," to such invitations to a "Christian way" of hurting someone much worse than by stoning them.