Saturday, December 20, 2008

Christmas Memories

One night at Bunco a few years ago several of us sat around and talked about favorite Christmas memories.

One of the gals declared that she really did hear the reindeer on her roof and even saw Santa. But, of course, she did! I can still hear the bell. Can you? (Have you read The Polar Express?)

The story goes, on Christmas Eve when I was a young 'un, our parents had some friends over. My brother, Bobby and I were already in bed but I couldn't go to sleep. I padded down the hall in my footie pajamas and crawled up in my Daddy's lap and told him I couldn't go to sleep. One of their friends, Mr. Hanbury, said, "Why Susan, you better hurry up and get back to bed! You know, I saw Santa Claus just down the street at the Miller's house just a couple of minutes ago!"

I raced back to bed and buried myself under the covers. Daddy told me he checked on me and I was crying because I couldn't sleep and I knew Santa wouldn't come if I wasn't asleep. Daddy rubbed my back until I went to sleep.

The debate these days seems to be "artificial or real" tree, of course. Ours when we were younger was always VERY artificial. We had a gold aluminum tree. You see the silver aluminum trees from time to time now. We even have one. (Of course we have a regular green artificial tree, too.) They are so magical with the color wheel shining on them. For all these years I thought I must have remembered the gold aluminum tree wrong. I haven't seen one in "lo these many years." However, my brother and I were reminiscing the other night and he mentioned the gold aluminum tree. Guess I wasn't crazy after all.

I was in a store in Foley, Alabama the other day and they had an upside down Christmas tree. Amazing! What do you think of that? I think it's kind of fun. Of course, I'm quirky.

I'd love to hear some of your favorite Christmas memories and your thoughts on an upside down Christmas tree.

Jingle jingle,

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