Monday, March 30, 2009

Celebrate Every Gorgeous Moment

The artist who calls herself Sark said, "Celebrate every gorgeous moment." Love that.

When others ask me about my day (especially if it is a work day) my usual harried response is "busy." I'm quite bored with that response, to be frank. I even say it in such a way that I think they are going to want to glimpse into my life and really want to see exactly how busy I've been. Bor-ing (said in a sing-song voice).

We're all busy. I'd like to instead be more focused on the fact that I'm celebrating "every gorgeous moment." Now, that's something worth talking about.

Today I had several gorgeous moments. A resident came to see me. She is usually a sour person and when she had a seat in my office, I inwardly sighed. But, we had the most delightful conversation. I learned that she felt she had to continue learning. How exciting and enlightened. I also learned that she had learned to speak Russian and had attempted Chinese! I learned that she has a love for roses, too and we had a delightful conversation about different varieties. That was a gorgeous moment . . . and very unexpected.

Another gorgeous moment I had was with another resident. He's going through some medical trials and tends to be a bit of a curmudgeon. I tease him every time I see him and tell him to "be extraordinary." I think he lives to tell me what "extraordinary" thing he did. Good.

And yet another gorgeous moment I had was when someone offered a "kick" in my direction. Usually, when this person does such a thing I get all bummed. But not, today. I remembered that turkeys will be turkeys and bunnies will be bunnies. And...I'm not a turkey. : ) It didn't even phase me. That was a gorgeous moment.

When I can see the truly gorgeous moments, I'm seeing things in a way more like God. Oh, to have his eyes, his heart and his ears.

That is my prayer,

Please note that no real names or photos of residents at my facility are ever used in this blog.


Sheryl said...

sorry - i am having trouble getting past your chinese saying. you do know what it says, right?

JoAnn said...

Susan? Uh, Susan....honey, turn your computer moniter sideways and read your Chinese me! J.

Suzanne said...

Hmmm..dunno what the others are talking about with the chinese saying thing. Maybe you removed whatever it was...anyway..

I love this post!!! And I love when I am seeing the gorgeous moments in my own life. So many people never seem to see them and I feel so very blessed that I sometimes can. If only I would keep myself on track so that I would see all of them...