Saturday, March 21, 2009

She's a Beautiful Piece of Work

I've mentioned what a great week my oldest daughter, Katie Lea and I had last week. Vann and Caroline were on a mission trip during spring break to New Orleans and Katie Lea and I were machines, I tell ya!

Katie Lea painted three rooms during the day and I worked. At night we would get together for a quick bite of dinner and start putting the rooms back together. We completely re-purposed the two attic rooms and gave a brand new look to our bathroom.

In addition to the painting and redecorating, we also prepared for a garage sale and gave a successful garage sale on Saturday!

During the beginning of the week I noticed our waterfall was slowing down. Us pond owners know that means we have to clean out the pump. As wonderful as a waterfall and a pond are, cleaning out the pump is not so wonderful. It means sticking your hand down into the murky water to retrieve the pump and clean it out. I won't go into much more details as I think most of my readers are women. Let's just suffice it to say, ewww...

Anyway, I told Kit that I needed her help to clean out the pump. I needed her to plug it back in. I was going to give her the less gunky chores since I know she is a whole lot like I was at her age. :)

Well, I couldn't get the stinking thing to working right and our daughter who has never liked putting her hands in a sink of soapy, wet dishes, dug her hands and up to her forearms in ooky water to get that pump going right. It didn't even seem to phase her! I was stunned. I thought some alien had inhabited her body, but I sure liked this alien!

Several months ago Katie Lea discovered I had a tattoo. I had not ever intended to tell anyone and she discovered it much to my chagrin. She was so touched by learning that I had a tattoo that she said she saw me in a whole new light. She said she was having to figure out who I was all over again and she liked this new person. wow. Funny thing is that I was still the person I always had been.

Well, that was the way it was for me when I saw our daughter not even flinch and stick her arm down in that fish poopy water. We had such a beautiful bonding week together. I think it was our best week ever. I'm so thankful. It will be a week we'll both remember for a long time, I'm sure. God is growing her up.

He's growing me, too,

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