Monday, March 2, 2009

Hi Friend

I apologize for not coming up with some poignant, life altering, insightful musings lately. : } (Not that I ever really do. Anything good comes from the Father anyway.)

For the past while, I've been putting a lot of energy into "doing the next right thing" - - namely my job. I've been working a lot of hours. (Can I hear a collective sigh? ha!)

God is reminding me daily that I can crawl up in his lap when I become overwhelmed, frightened or just weary. I take him up on his offer, too!

I hope to have something more stimulating or at least "ponder worthy" to share soon, but my extra energy when at home has been going into being creative with beautiful things I can see. That feeds my soul. The other time has been spent on being with my sweetheart. And yet the other little bit has been spent on taxes. blech. There just hasn't been a lot of mental or emotional energy left over to process. That's o.k. For everything there is a season.


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