Sunday, March 8, 2009

The Soft Glow of a Conch Shell

I'm excited about this week. This is the week we're repainting the attic rooms.

Caroline's old room (now a lime green) will become a beautiful pale beige pink . . . the palest color of a conch shell. It's the close to the color circled on the shell above. I'll use silver, brown, taupe and cream accessories and it will become a serene guest bedroom and room for Caroline to retreat to when she is home. We have an antique chenille bedspread the same color. I need a new name for that room. Ideas?

The other attic room, Blue Heaven that I've written about, will be painted a much airier blue. See the photo of the tree and sky above. It's close to the color in the circle. The color of fresh air. It will still be Blue Heaven, just serene blue.

Life has been so busy lately that I'm craving the serenity of soothing colors and things. I'm excited about these changes. I'm also even looking forward to the garage sale next Saturday. Finally, a chance to clean out! Simplifying is freeing.

Now, let's just hope I don't have jury duty all week.

Freer than air,


Linda said...


peachy, conch pink reminds me of "bliss"....

Enjoy your painting!!


Sheryl said...

can i come live with you?

Suzanne said...

Yeah, what Sheryl said. :)

Sharon said...

How about "Concha By The Sea" or "Concha..." something? Maybe "The Bliss of Concha?" Oh, I'm not good at this, but YOU are! And you'll think of just the right name for the room!