Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Compassion wears a Maintenance Uniform

Today I had the task of letting one of my favorite residents (yes, favorite) know that her dearest friend (another resident) had died. Her friend had been having health problems and went into the ICU yesterday.

As I told her the sad news, she cried. She told me the last time her friend went in the hospital, she knew the "gig was up." Soon after, a knock came to the door. Louis, one of our maintenance men popped his head in the door to ask me a question. When he saw this resident in there he came on in and told her how sorry he was about her friend and gave her a big, burly hug. I witnessed this gentle giant hug this precious lady while she wept into the chest of his uniform. Unashamed tears. Comfortable grieving.

Yes, I work alongside gentle giants. I want to be more like the people who surround me. Thank you, Father, for Louis and his heart of tenderness.

Humbled by greatness,

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