Tuesday, August 4, 2009

It's My Birthday Month

Oh, I know. You're supposed to celebrate it quietly and not mention it. I worked with a wonderful joy mentor when I worked in Atlanta. Her name is Rita. She had a contagious laugh and loved life. She celebrated her birthday the whole month of April.

I thought that sounded like a great idea, so I began sending out an e-mail to my co-workers reminding them when my birthday month began. They giggled and I thought I was a bit eccentric. But then every August 1st, they expected it.

Last Friday (July 31st) I sent an e-mail out to some friends to remind them that the next day (Saturday) was the beginning of my birthday month. I knew they would be disappointed if I didn't do this. (smile)

This morning one of those friends told me she had gotten my e-mail and wanted to begin wishing me a happy birthday month. Our Executive Director was with us and doesn't know me that well yet. He said, "Oh, you're one of those kind of people." I asked him if he meant I was one of those kind of people who enjoyed every opportunity to celebrate life. He smirked and I told him, of course I was one of those types of people. We all need to be celebrating.

Do I expect gifts all through the month? Nah. It's mostly just to remind us to celebrate...something. There is ALWAYS something to celebrate, something to be thankful for.

Loving my birthday month!


Gabbin' Gal Nan said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY MONTH! My precious grandmother did the very same thing. She made her birthday "drag" out for weeks and it was Awesome! She lived to be 98! I must know the date because my daughter's b-day is this month on the 16th. My other grandmother's b-day is on the 24th who will be 93 and still living and ... I also got married this month on the 26th. So AUGUST is a GREAT MONTH in my book!
Keep celebrating! Nan

Sheryl said...

happy birthday!!

that really is "living large" isn't it?!

oh...my word verification is bless...i am taking that to mean this will be your most blessed year yet!

Tracy said...

Happy Birthday to you!

Sending a great big birthday hug your way...My dad's b-day is the 19th...

Trish said...

Happy Birth Month! I think it's a good idea to spread the cheer! (And hey, maybe you could take in rice crispy treats to celebrate)!

Linda said...


Happy birthday Month!!

Roxanne said...

Yeah! It's finally here! I have a note above my computor reminding me of your special day. I put it there back on May 14th, when you wished me a Happy b'day!

Many blessings to you, Susan!