Monday, August 3, 2009

Live Large or Go Home!

My youngest daughter uses this expression a lot and I've come to like it! Live large or Go Home! Yep. So true.

Tonight we celebrated National Watermelon Day at Wesley Court with not only eating some watermelon (delicious but a bit boring) but with a Watermelon Seed Spitting contest! We had some great participants. Jim, who is close to 85 won by spitting a seed 10' 5". LaNell got the prize for the most creative by picking up her seed and throwing it. Even Barbara (90 years young) spit a seed about 10'.

Vann asked me before the event if I was going to do any spitting myself. "Why, of course!" I answered. "You've got to Live Large or Go Home. "(Thank you Caroline for that wonderful piece of advice.)

My friend, Judy, has always been a great one to do spontaneous and fun things. She's been a great example of living large. I remember one time shortly after we moved to Abilene I was having a group over to my house for Bunco. That night I was feeling particularly sad and missing our former city and friends. Well, in pops Denise, Donna, Lori and Judy (lead by Judy) all wearing green and orange wigs to remind us to Live Large or Go Home! It was at that moment that I knew I was going to love Abilene.

Piet Hein said, "Living is a thing you do. Now or never. Which do you?" Life is delicious. It's a gift. The opportunities to love and laugh are everywhere. Can't find them? Find a friend who lives large. They'll show you the way. Afraid? Don't be. People will want to follow you.

Joyful abundance,


Linda said...

perfectly, perfectly timed for me....

Thank you!

Sheryl said...

oh my goodness, i want to meet LaNell...what a smart one!!

love this quote - think it's something i need to put into practice.

love to you.