Saturday, August 22, 2009

God's Opportunities are Everywhere!

This week has had a lot of wonderful serendipity. OK, the hitting my head and toosh on the rocks wasn't so wonderful but other than that, a lot of wonderful.

Today I got my nails done by a new lady. We had the most wonderful conversation. She's only been in town two weeks and misses her home in the DFW area. We discovered many shared interests (piano, guitar, singing, art, writing to name a few). We talked non stop the whole time she was working on my nails. Sadly, she told me I was the only client who had talked with her since she'd been here. What? Why is that? I saw the Lord in this beautiful lady today.

Earlier in the week I met with my friend, Roxanne. She is a very gifted artist and is going to paint a mural on the outside of our inn (after the painter paints it in a couple of weeks.) We talked about possibilities for the mural and then launched into the most beautiful God breathed conversation. What a touching relationship she shares with our Father. I'm giggling as I recall some of the things she shared with me. Roxanne put flesh on our Lord for me that night. Our time together made me realize I was on holy ground.

One afternoon this week I was out on the hunt for some items for our Silent Auction at Wesley Court. We're working to raise money for the Alzheimer's Association. I stopped in Abilene's new store, Emerge on Southwest Drive, and had a delightful conversation with the new owner, Nicole Nunez. That's a great store and their make up line is fabulous! Nicole told me her primary focus for the store is to use it as a ministry.

Wow! Opportunities to share the love of God really are e v e r y w h e r e ! It's exciting to see God shine the spotlight on them daily.

Eyes wide open,

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