Thursday, July 10, 2008

God was in Wal-Mart!

Vann and I were on a delicious vacation in Hartwell, Georgia last week. I’m reminded of an occurrence that happened there last year. We stopped at “the Walmart” to pick up a few items and we saw God!

He was in the form of a 65 – 70 year old light skinned black woman with light blue eyes. Those eyes pierced the darkness and saw good inside.

Vann and I were standing in the checkout line. In front of us were four young black men/boys dressed like trouble. You know, dreadlocks, the jail britches down around the knees. This woman of God was talking to these four lost boys and was speaking with such conviction and love…about the Lord. She wasn’t preaching at them but sharing about God’s great love…for them. They responded to her with humility and respect and called her ma’am. Before they left, she told each of them she loved them. At this point she glanced my way and smiled…and those eyes..oh those eyes. Those eyes were God’s. They were hungry to love.

Next up to be targeted to receive the Father’s love was Krissy, our cashier. Krissy was having trouble ringing up the red grapes of the woman with the translucent blue eyes. While Krissy called a manager to assist her she apologized to “the woman.” The woman didn’t miss an opportunity to encourage and tell Krissy she’d be great. (You didn’t get the impression the woman was telling her she’d be great at being a cashier, but that she’d be great - - period.) After Krissy finished ringing her up, the heart-seeing woman told Krissy that she loved her and God loved her and to not be discouraged as she was made for greatness. I was touched by the book, The Shack, which portrays God as an African (American?) woman. The author must have seen this woman and used her as the idea for his book.

“We can do no great things…only small things with great love.”

Where have you spotted God?

God hunting,


Tammy M. said...

That is an awesome Wal-Mart story.

Sharon said...

I spotted God at Arby's earlier this week. A man of advanced years was getting out of his SUV as my husband was helping me to dismount my van. The gentleman asked me questions about my power chair and lift on the van. I answered them, hopefully in a way that will help him.

Noticing his difficulty moving, I asked if he were in need of such equipmnet, and he indicated he would need to be doing that very thing soon.

I introduced myself to him and he to me, as my husband finished his task of closing up in the van. The gentleman looked at me for a moment and said, "You are a classy lady." Taken aback, I was speechless for a moment, but he did not give me time, saying, "Don't ever forget that."

He had no way of knowing what types of things were going on that day which were difficult for me to face. I could tell, he was just that kind of person and didn't need to think that I was having a bad day.

All I could say was, "Thank you," but this man will never know how much his encouragement ministered to me, not only for that very difficult day, but every day since. In his own pain, he took time and opportunity to make another person feel good.

He also gave me reason to pass this kind of encouragement on to others, as everyone out there is having difficulties, and most of them are worse than my own, as my life is better than anyone I know of. It makes me think, "Why not give everyone you meet a reason to feel better about whatever they are facing today." And I really hope that I can do that.

Sarah said...

I never have such a spiritual experience in Wal-Mart.

I pray people see love in my eyes, but I don't think that's the first thing they would think -- especially at Wal-Mart