Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Why Lila?

Have you ever wondered what you would name yourself if you could name yourself anything you would like? I've given this considerable thought. I'd name myself Lila. Why, you may ask? Why not Jennifer or Michelle or Kristen? While those are beautiful names, Lila describes me perfectly.

Lila is southern, a bit sassy (and wanting to be sassier)! That's me to a tee. I would never really change my name legally as I've already been known as Susan, Sue and Susie and adding a fourth name would be just plain weird. :) But my spirit...that part of me that is living, growing and refreshing daily is Lila.

So, I'm writing as Lila. Susan needs to branch out and grow. So, before you call the local psychiatrist to have me involuntarily committed, let me assure you, I'm really not crazy. Just trying to open myself to God's possibilities in my life. Life is a journey and a trip of one thousand miles begins with the first step. (How's that for using two quotes in one sentence?) Let the journey begin. Embraceable joy! ~Lila

What would you name yourself and why?


Vann said...

I love your blog... and I adore you!

Anne said...

Lila...I love that name, and it does fit you well :)

Welcome to the bloggy world!

Sharon said...

I love the name Susan. In fact, it's the name I gave my daughter. It's a lovely name, and it fits you well, lovely lady.

Tammy M. said...

I would name myself Sophie or Sophia. Like on the Gilmore Girls where Loralei names her daughter after herself, I would name myself after my daughter. I love the name Sophie.

I too love the name Lila and am glad to read all of Lila's musings in this world.