Sunday, July 20, 2008


I was at a garage sale last weekend (I know. You're probably shocked.) Anyway, I met the most wonderful lady giving a garage sale and someone I consider to be a new friend.

First of all, all of her "junk" at her garage sale was fabulous and my kind of "junk." Secondly, she was an artist and third, she was a transplant to Abilene, like me.

She had moved from a big city, too, and Abilene's charm had taken a bit to get accustomed to. Believe it or not, for most of us who have moved from a large metroplex, it takes us a while to gear down from the traffic, noise, fast pace and overwhelming stress that makes it hard to breathe. We had learned to not only survive, but thrive on a lack of oxygen, not seeing friends as often and a general diet of anxiety.

Anyway, my new friend had shared that she had only been in Abilene for a little while and was still getting acclimated. But then, one day she walked into the great store on 14th Street called "It's About Time", and thought to herself, "I'm going to be o.k. now!"

I had the same thought when I walked into "It's About Time". The friendly owners and the mix of old and new merchandise and the displays really stirs my creative juices.

Anyway, I'm thankful for my new friend and look forward to lunch soon. I'm also glad to be so close to "It's About Time", a store made for dreaming. I'm also thankful to live in Abilene, a place where dreams come true.

God knows us so well and knows what fills us. For me, it's family, beauty, nature, girlfriends and an ability to look at things in a quirky way. Thank you, Father, for looking out for me and for giving me the gifts that are a nourishment to my spirit.


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Anne said...

I love that store...I was just in there on Saturday. I also think there is a good chance I went to the same garage sale?! :)

I am gad you were transplanted here...what a blessing your friendship is to me!